Buckwheat diet

Who among us hasn’t been on a diet at least once in our lives? I’m sure there aren’t any. After all, we really want to look better in the eyes of our beloved men, wear things for a more slender figure, and in general, we want to feel better!

The variety of diets is amazing, and the most important thing here is to be able to choose the optimal diet for your beloved, right? Some diets seem very tough, others are too difficult for a working person to complete, and others are too expensive. Therefore, the main principle of choosing a diet is do no harm.

Of course, it is best to go to a dietitian and get qualified advice and a diet tailored to your individual characteristics. But not everyone can afford it, and almost everyone wants to lose weight. Therefore, when choosing a diet, we try to proceed from, firstly, its simplicity for combining with the busy schedule of our lives, and secondly, from the usefulness of the products included in it.

It is for this reason that I recommend the buckwheat diet to everyone. It’s perfect if you need to lose weight by a date such as your wedding, birthday, or graduation, or if your skirt is a bit small and you need to shed a couple of pounds to fit back into it.

Buckwheat diet is very simple. You can only eat unsalted buckwheat and 1% kefir – and nothing else. Moreover, there is a restriction on kefir – no more than 1 liter per day, but there are no restrictions on buckwheat, eat as much as you like. It is allowed to drink ordinary water in any quantities, only without gas; if it is completely unbearable in the early days, low-calorie fruits and vegetables are allowed, but very moderately, as a treat. Better try to avoid them.

Do not cook buckwheat! It must be steamed with boiling water, based on 1 cup of buckwheat 2 cups of boiling water. You can add dried herbs, but no salt. After half an hour, buckwheat will absorb all the boiling water, and it can be consumed. You can drink buckwheat with kefir or pour kefir into a plate with buckwheat – as you like.

In the first 3-4 days you will eat a lot of buckwheat, but don’t let that scare you. Gradually, its amount will decrease – although steamed buckwheat is tastier than boiled, you can’t eat a lot of it without salt. (By the way, since I tried this diet, I never boil buckwheat, I just steam it – it tastes much better this way). In 1 week, you can really lose 2-3 kg – especially if you combine diet with physical activity.

You can use this diet for no longer than 2 weeks – too monotonous products. Be sure to drink multivitamins during these two weeks – although buckwheat contains vitamins and trace elements, but still not all, mainly B vitamins, there is also phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. Kefir also gives us protein and calcium, vitamins of groups A and B. But keep in mind that this diet is not suitable for those who have serious digestive problems, intestinal upset.

I noticed another positive effect of the buckwheat diet, in addition to losing weight. It seems that buckwheat in combination with kefir removes a considerable amount of toxins from the body, a kind of purification occurs.

I assure you, it’s hard to endure only the first few days on this diet, then it will be easy and pleasant for you to eat unsalted buckwheat and drink it with kefir. The results of the weekly weigh-in will delight and inspire you, and these 2 weeks will fly by completely unnoticed!

Just keep in mind, if you do not achieve the desired result in 2 weeks, you can repeat the buckwheat diet no earlier than a month after it ends. Perhaps it does not suit your body, and it is better to try something else. But I don’t advise you to get involved in diets all the time – after all, any diet is a serious shake-up for the body, after which it definitely needs to rest. Lose weight without fanaticism and try to enjoy this process!

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