Burgundy manicure with design

If you’ve been looking for a mind-blowing idea for a chic burgundy design manicure, you’ve almost found it! In this article, we talk about the features and fashion trends of the multifaceted burgundy nail art. Our photo selection has collected a variety of design options: from classics to bold trends, so that you can choose a manicure to your taste.

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5 reasons to get a burgundy manicure

  • Unlike other shades of red, burgundy looks flawless on nails of any length and creates a beautiful manicure.
  • Burgundy has become one of the main favorites of the outgoing 2018 season and is determined to maintain its leadership position in 2019. The verdict is simple: if you want to be on trend, bet on burgundy.
  • Without any doubt, rich burgundy in manicure is the choice of self-confident fashionistas who know their worth and are not afraid of attention to their own person.

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If you want to give the impression of a strong and self-sufficient personality, go for burgundy nail art. It is also suitable for increasing self-esteem and strengthening the inner core.


  • Shades of burgundy in manicure can become a stylish addition to any look. This design perfectly adapts to the outfit in any style, which is why fashionistas so often choose it for its versatility.
  • Bright scarlet shades are unlikely to decorate everyday manicure. A burgundy palette is a completely different matter, which will fit perfectly even into a work dress code.

AT looking for your shade

Burgundy shades in manicure are perfectly combined with fair skin of the hands. In this case, it is better to choose juicy tones and options that gravitate towards pink and warm gold.

Dark-skinned beauties should not despair – they can also look for their successful version of burgundy. Darker tones are the best choice.

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When choosing the perfect burgundy shade, age should also be considered. Mature ladies usually prefer a brown undertone that looks luxurious and aristocratic. Young girls, in turn, love to experiment with bright shades.


Marsala is a stylish option that fits into a work dress code. Carmine will come in handy if you want to create a spectacular combination of manicure and lipstick. Wine tones look noble, but at the same time add age.

Top combinations

Burgundy lacquer in all its splendor can be revealed in combination with other shades and thus create a unique design.

  • white gives saturation and richness to any red tones;
  • coupled with black, a mysterious and bewitching design is obtained;
  • combo with gray is a tribute to the latest trends;
  • the tandem with beige tones looks cozy;
  • wine reveals itself magnificently with gold;
  • interesting combinations are obtained with pomegranate and red;
  • the secret of a spectacular manicure is a combination of burgundy with plum or purple tones;
  • the union with emerald and olive looks original.

Idea #1

One hundred percent hit in the main trends is a combination of a rich burgundy coating with rhinestones. Based on this combination, you can create the most incredible designs. But if the soul requires a laconic and calm manicure, you can limit yourself to a modest accent of rhinestones on one or two nails.

Such an exquisite design as in the photo is perfect even for short nails. The main condition for a successful manicure is the small size of the rhinestones.

Elegant option

We have other ideas for elegant rhinestone decor:

  • french or double french;
  • rhinestone patterns;
  • laying stones in a straight line;
  • rhinestones in the form of a pyramid;
  • simple geometric motifs with shiny stones;
  • shiny stones in the form of a limiter of 2 colors in manicure;
  • moon manicure;
  • linear dotted line with rhinestones;
  • laconic accent in the form of one rhinestone;
  • addition to the decor of the main pattern on the nails.

Idea #2

The noble tones of burgundy are able to beat the usual jacket and add a touch of luxury to it. In this design, everyday design is beautiful, and solemn nail art for a special occasion is no less beautiful.

Idea #3

Combining a burgundy color scheme with gold decor is a great idea for a spectacular holiday nail design. This is a win-win combination that always looks amazing and goes with any evening outfit.

Fashion trends are ready to offer you many options for manicure with gold.

  • French;
  • lunar design;
  • monogram;
  • painting;
  • gold glitter;
  • rhinestones;
  • stickers;
  • tape strips;
  • foil;
  • design with gold pattern.

Idea #4

Exciting burgundy color is a wonderful basis for a fashionable cat-eye manicure. Such a coating looks great in splendid isolation without any decorative tinsel.

But if you need a special manicure that will produce a “wow effect” – complement this design with a presentable decor made of rhinestones or glitter. Chic, shine, beauty!

Unusual holiday manicure

Idea #5

A gradient in manicure design will help to reveal all the facets of burgundy color.

The latest fashion squeak is the ombre effect from nail to nail. Very stylish!

Idea #6

A manicure in burgundy tones with a matte design will surely be appreciated by bright personalities who are delighted with chic nail art. A similar coverage is easy to achieve with a special nail polish or ordinary steam.

When choosing such a design, it should be borne in mind that the matte texture mercilessly shows any defects and irregularities of the nails. Therefore, this manicure requires their impeccable condition.

Gradient motifs combined with a matte top look spectacular.

You can also play with contrasts and complement the sophisticated texture with silver or gold decor. Any sequins reveal themselves in a completely new way on a matte finish, look brighter and richer.

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Interesting! If you’re looking for Christmas design ideas, we advise you to take a closer look at the combination of a matte top with a shiny decor. This is the perfect holiday manicure according to many fashionistas and nail art gurus.


Also in trend is a tandem of glossy and matte finishes in one nail art.

The most delicate and beautiful design will be obtained by combining a matte top with lace patterns or monograms. Just what you need for a feminine and romantic look!

Interesting: The combination of brown in clothes

Idea #7

The enduring trend of recent seasons is geometric motifs in nail art. They are represented mainly by minimalistic designs, but more complex compositions are also possible.

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Idea #8

If you are looking for ideas for a manicure with a twist, take a look at the designs of flowers with burgundy shades in the base. Plant motifs are still among the main trends, and this can be used even in winter.

The most relevant techniques for embodying flower patterns on nails are:

  • smooth surface;
  • wave;
  • pen technique;
  • aqua.

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