Burnt alum: instructions for use

Burnt alum (hereinafter abbreviated as QOL) is one of the most popular folk remedies today, intended primarily for external surface use. This anti-inflammatory, multifunctional drug is created from chemical ingredients in the following way: potassium alum sulfate is heated to 160 degrees, thereby reducing this chemical in volume by up to 55% in dry form. The result is a powdery substance of light gray, almost white color, remotely reminiscent of talc, or baking soda to the touch.

Its distinctive features from other chemical medical medicinal powders:

  • well absorbs moisture and purulent liquid, thereby eliminating unpleasant odors and harmful bacteria. Promotes accelerated healing of the damaged area of ​​the skin, tightening wounds;
  • It has no specific odors, the taste is sour when diluted with water. QOL are resistant to various chemical reactions.
  • multifunctionality: it can be used to treat not only dry skin, but also mucous areas (for example, the oral cavity);

Attention! Keep the drug out of the reach of children!

Alum burnt for external use

According to pharmacological properties, burnt alum, including visually reminiscent of talc, as they are also very often used as a powder. QOL is easy to eliminate for a long time signs of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). It has a drying and antibacterial effect, as it perfectly absorbs moisture, and also eliminates the unpleasant smell of sweat, while destroying harmful fungi and bacteria secreted by the mucous skin of the armpits.

Burnt alum can be used as an analogue of a deodorant or antiperspirant. Also, after shaving, cuts, scratches or small bleeding sores can remain on delicate areas of the skin, which over time can become inflamed due to sweat or dirt getting on them. If they are treated with a QOL solution, then the inflammation of small wounds on the damaged area of ​​the skin will significantly decrease, redness and irritation on shaved areas of the body will decrease, and the skin will recover much faster after cuts.

QOL is especially useful for representatives of the strong half of humanity, since men inevitably shave their faces almost every day, and expensive aftershave lotions may not always have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Burnt alum affects the fight against open wounds as follows: a colloidal film, which is formed at the site of application of QOL, protects damaged skin from itching, tingling and purulent formations, as it protects the treated surface from external negative chemical influences.

Many consumers spoke positively about burnt alum in the treatment of not only excessive sweating, but also various other skin diseases. A significant advantage in the use of QOL is also worth highlighting its rapid anti-inflammatory effect and noticeable efficiency. In the fight against purulent sores, QOLs are also indispensable, because they absorb any moisture, and in the case of open festering sores, when applying this medicinal substance, QOLs can perfectly dry the wound, thereby absorbing an unpleasantly smelling liquid with pus.


Not unimportant feature of burnt alum are their cosmetic properties. Many manufacturers of creams, tonal creams, powders and lotions willingly add this chemical to their products, since the properties of QOL can significantly reduce pores, dry out inflamed acne and give skin elasticity for a long time.

A useful face mask using QOL can also be prepared at home using various homemade recipes for creating creams. It is worth considering the type of facial skin, since the required amount of the medicinal product depends on this. The main thing is to clearly observe the dosage of burnt alum (so as not to dry out the skin) and follow the instructions for use, and its direct purpose.

To combat unpleasant odors in the armpits and sweat, burnt alum is applied dry (no need to dilute it!). You can use a dry sponge or palms to powder the armpits during the day about 2-3 times (depending on the frequency of sweating). Before applying the powder, you need to thoroughly dry damp skin in order to avoid premature loss of the deodorizing effect.

The advantage of this method of dealing with hyperhidrosis is inexpensive, highly effective and safe, compared to other deodorants.

Attention! May leave white streaks or powdery marks on clothing!

Alum burnt for internal use

One of the most common diseases of the oral cavity in humans is stomatitis. Stomatitis is bleeding, sometimes purulent ulcers and various inflammations on the oral mucosa. In this case, QOL are excellent for preventing the onset of this disease, and also help reduce inflammation of already existing bleeding wounds. Burnt alum is famous for its astringent and drying properties. They perfectly destroy microbes, matte the surface of the gums with a protective film, help reduce their reproduction, cauterize open sores, and thereby even eliminate bad breath from the oral cavity.

How to use: approximately 2 teaspoons of QOL should be diluted with warm boiled water in 200 ml of water (it is necessary to achieve the effect of an astringent and slightly sour liquid), and rinse the mouth several times a day, until the gums and mucous surface are completely healed. If a child suffers from stomatitis, then you can treat his oral cavity with a cotton swab moistened with the solution described above.

The advantage of the burnt alum preparation is its loyal price and versatile applications. The average cost of this drug is 100-150 rubles, depending on the manufacturer (jar weight 50 g). You can buy QOL in absolutely any pharmacy in the country. A prescription is not required to purchase.


Indications for use

Burnt alum is mainly used for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the external integument of the human body. QOL is not a hormonal drug. The main purpose of the application is to prevent and eliminate existing small open skin lesions, as well as excess moisture on the skin.

Pharmacological properties of the drug are due to:

  • enveloping effect (protection of the skin from external factors);
  • removal of inflammation, itching, redness, elimination of pus, fungi and harmful bacteria;
  • eliminates excess moisture (dries, cauterizes);
  • stops bleeding;


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