Business images for obese women

Office wardrobe for overweight women can be difficult, because not everyone knows what to choose for such a figure. The business dress code is characterized by conciseness and clear, strict forms. Therefore, it is great for girls with curvy shapes. This style favorably emphasizes all the advantages and masks the flaws. The material tells about the basic things that are needed to create a business wardrobe for women with forms.

Secrets of compiling an office wardrobe for obese women

First of all, you need to understand the features of choosing basic things for the office.


This element is considered the most feminine in business style. Fat women can also please themselves with such an outfit, the main thing is the right model.

  • A sheath dress would be a good solution. Choose options from dense fabric that will hide bumps. A dress with contrasting inserts on the sides visually makes women thinner and creates a waistline.
  • A wrap dress would also be a good option. Such models correct the figure, create the correct proportions of the body and outwardly make the waist narrower.

  • For girls whose hips are much larger than their shoulders, models with a flared skirt are suitable. This option will hide the full bottom, emphasize the neckline and waistline. In addition, this dress is comfortable to move around.

Shirts and blouses

These things are an integral part of the office wardrobe, but which model should you choose?

  • turtleneck. For curvaceous forms, you do not need to choose too tight options. Because any imperfections will be visible. It is better to buy slightly fitted models;
  • white blouse. A stylish business look for overweight women is hard to imagine without this thing. So that it does not add extra volume, you need to choose a fitted style. He will highlight the chest and will not focus on the voluminous belly;

  • shirts with vertical stripes. This option visually slims, so it is perfect for ladies with curvy shapes. Do not take shirts with a lot of decor and patch pockets.


Most often, classic black trousers are chosen for office style. A suitable option for obese women would be straight or flared models with an arrow from the middle of the thigh. The latter option slims and visually adds length to the legs. If the employer allows you to wear jeans, then you can choose dark blue straight cut. For a change, you can also take slightly tapered pants, the length of which is 7/8. These are universal models that create a harmonious image on a woman with magnificent forms.


There are some of the most successful options for full girls.

  1. Knee-length pencil skirt. It is better to pick up solid colors or with a vertical pattern. In the latter case, the print should be medium in size.
  2. Flared models. This style is relevant for women whose hips are larger than the volume of the chest and shoulders. This skirt will not create extra centimeters at the bottom. It will also accentuate the waist line.
  3. Straight style. This classic option slims women and hides a lush belly. Therefore, it is suitable for a casual look in the office.

Jackets and cardigans

This piece of clothing is well suited for the cold season. For a full figure, elongated jackets with a fitted silhouette are suitable. If you take straight models with a male cut, they will create extra volume and make the girl bulky. Also, do not buy shortened options. They focus on the belly. And this is a problem area for most overweight women.

Cardigans also successfully fit into the office style. Curvy women look especially good in solid colors. It is better to choose products to the middle of the thigh or just above the knee. It is also worth paying attention to the cutout. To make business looks for overweight women look good, you should choose cardigans with a V-neck. It visually slims and favorably emphasizes the chest.


Beige boats are considered the most relevant option for business style. High or massive heels will make the image heavier and cause inconvenience while walking. Optimally – the average height of the heels. If you are wearing dark-colored tights or pants, then shoes should be chosen in a similar color. Another good model for overweight girls is shoes with a small wedge. It looks stylish and does not complicate the movement. If you want to create a casual look for every day, then you can choose ballet flats or loafers with a small heel.


Jumpsuit is not obvious, but in practice it is convenient and, in fact, an indispensable thing in an office wardrobe for a full woman. If you choose a good style, you get a ready-made fashionable image with corrective properties.

Stylists suggest that a win-win option for plus-size parameters is a cut with a high waist and a slightly loose fit. A vertical row of buttons, a V-neckline, a belt at the waist and straight lines in the print are welcome. The fabric of the jumpsuit should be dense in order to maintain its shape. Flimsy thin knitwear will not work – it will insidiously emphasize the slightest nuances of the figure.

The jumpsuit captivates with the fact that it does not require time to create an image. It is enough to add a laconic chain or earrings, as well as support the image with shoes to match the clothes. According to this principle, it is easy to create your favorite outfit for the warm season.


If you want to look stylish and at the same time strict at work, take a closer look at business suits, which in a matter of seconds create successful images and save you from the painful selection of tops and bottoms.

Suits are suitable for a full figure also because they create a color vertical – it skillfully stretches the silhouette and visually slims. Among the suitable styles, there is a model with a pencil skirt and straight trousers with arrows. The optimal top is an elongated straight jacket, with an hourglass figure with a belt at the waist. It is permissible to include a suit in a fashionable pajama style in a summer office wardrobe – however, it requires an addition in the form of corrective underwear.

It is important not only to choose a modern cut of a suit, but also to take into account the current flow in the composition of the bow. So, a combination with sneakers is considered a popular trend – it looks relaxed and interesting. This duet is suitable for girls with a loyal dress code at work.

A set of muted colors with slimming properties will fit into a business capsule. Let’s say a medium-sized print without too much contrast.

We select a business style for the features of the figure

The correct silhouette of clothing primarily depends on the characteristics of the figure. Stylists know which styles should be chosen by obese women, and are willing to share their recommendations.

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