Business style does not cancel femininity

Business style does not mean giving up beautiful things. Strict suits can be diluted with elegant jewelry. Ultra-short miniskirts or overly-fitting trousers are not appropriate for the office, but there are many ways to look feminine at work.

Each company has its own dress code, corporate values ​​are also different. When choosing an office wardrobe, you need to focus on the type of activity.

  1. Economic companies (consulting, finance, audit, accounting). Business suits in soothing colors, sheath dresses are suitable, you can also combine a pencil skirt with plain blouses in light colors. Neutral colors like navy blue, white or grey, will work well.

  1. Law firms. This is one of the professions where the dress code can be unspoken. A good solution is a blazer with a skirt, high heels and leather bags. Restrained suits emphasize business reputation. A sophisticated necklace will bring a note of femininity. Recommended colors are sky blue, beige, coffee with milk. A blouse with polka dots can be combined with a tulip or half-sun skirt. This outfit also looks beautiful with gray melange trousers. In summer, you can combine a polka dot print with light cotton skirts.

  1. pharmaceutical companies. Clothing should convey professionalism and seriousness. It is recommended to bet on colors such as white (symbolizing purity, peace and trust) and green (associated with professional maturity). Dark blue, burgundy, black and gray straight knee-length skirts will do.

  1. Consulting. In offices, deep cutouts and an abundance of ruffles are out of place. Transparent fabrics are also not the best choice. Knitwear models are suitable for the cold season. Dresses made of linen or cotton are designed for hot weather. At the peak of popularity, outfits with a decorative delay.

  1. Professions related to pedagogy and the educational sphere. Lace sleeves are a great option for a business lady. This outfit is suitable for every day, it can also be worn for a corporate holiday or a business meeting. A simple shirt looks great with knee-length skirts. This look is complemented by a dark leather bag and pumps. Restrained gold or silver jewelry will make the image richer.

  1. Banking. White blouses have already become classics. They combine femininity and rigor. The trend is not only snow-white shades, but also ecru, pearl, ivory. A snow-white blouse with loose sleeves looks great in a duet with black or gray trousers.

Women can also use perfume. Strong odors are not welcome in the office. Fresh and marine flavors are acceptable. Makeup should look natural. A manicure of lavender, peach, as well as coral and beige tones is appropriate. A thin bracelet and stud earrings will harmoniously complement a business look. There is no need to give up stylish accessories. Scarves, watches or belts will emphasize individuality.

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