Business woman style: wardrobe of a successful woman

Business woman is a category of women for whom clothing is an integral part of their business image. What kind same things must be in the wardrobe such a lady, so that she always looks stylish, and in any circumstances could emphasize her status? Let’s get acquainted with the recommendations of stylists.

Basic principles of women’s business wardrobe

A business wardrobe is not just clothes sewn in a strict restrained style. In fact, these are things that demonstrate to others the competence, acumen and confidence of their owner. They allow you to get an image that reflects both the field of activity and the professionalism of the woman who wears them. But, before you rush to create business bows, it will not be superfluous to find out the nuances of this fashion trend.

  • Pay close attention to quality. Remember that cheap fabric, deliberately careless tailoring, protruding threads, paint that leaves traces – all this, firstly, is ugly, and, secondly, does not correspond to the status of a successful woman, which will ultimately make a repulsive impression on colleagues, business -partners and management.
  • When creating an image, remember about conservatism, because it is she who is the basis of business style. But frivolous details, even the most trendy ones, can only harm your image of a serious woman.

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  • The classic style is considered the standard of office fashion, which all business women try to adhere to. It is he who should be given preference when choosing basic things. However, this does not mean that all suits, dresses and skirts in your collection should be the same. On the contrary, wearing the same ensemble to the office two days in a row is considered bad form. So, you will have to experiment with colors, and with styles, and with styles.
  • Suits – them businesswoman should allocate a special place in your clothing collection. The necessary minimum is the presence of at least one summer, one winter, a pair of universal trouser suits, as well as one strict classic in dark colors, in which you are not ashamed to go even to an appointment with the president.

  • When purchasing things, do not forget about such importance as comfort. Remember that you will have to spend a lot of time in these clothes, so they should be as comfortable as possible, not hinder movements, not fall off, not cling to anything.
  • And another important point is the details. They need to be given special attention. No flirtatious handbags, bright bows, voluminous decorative elements, defiantly shiny fittings, deep or high cutouts showing underwear are allowed in a business look. Accessories can be used, but only properly selected, concise and stylish.

[tds_warning]A significant role in creating the right image of a business woman is played by hairstyle, manicure and makeup. The latter must be done in a nude unobtrusive palette so that the make-up looks as natural as possible. Nails should not be too long, but it is better to cover them with shades in a natural or pastel palette. As for hair styling, it should be neat. [/tds_warning]

What should be the basic wardrobe of a business woman?

We figured out the basic principles of business style, now let’s move on to another important topic: how should a business woman dress. And right now, we are going to look at the list of things recommended by stylists, which should form the basis of the wardrobe of a self-confident and work-focused lady.

  • Sheath dress. This is a real lifesaver for every woman. Such an outfit sits beautifully on the figure, emphasizing all its advantages, but at the same time it looks very restrained and concise. The main thing here is to choose a closed model that is not longer than the knee. You can wear it with ballet shoes, and with pumps with a small heel, and with ankle boots in the autumn-spring time. For the cold season, choose a sheath dress with long sleeves, and for the hot season, with a shortened or no sleeve at all. And so that the image does not turn out to be too boring, complement the outfit with a narrow belt or a false white collar.

  • Pencil skirt. Another must-have in a business woman’s wardrobe. This model is considered universal, because it can be easily combined with shirts, blouses, jackets, turtlenecks, cardigans, tops. As a result, the image will turn out to be moderately strict and very attractive. Moreover, this model allows you to visually make the silhouette slimmer, which will be in the hands of girls with imperfect shapes. If desired, a belt can be tied at the waist.

  • Blouse is an essential attribute of every wardrobe. confident women in themselves. It allows you to look feminine and business-like at the same time. The unspoken rule says that every self-respecting lady should have at least three blouses in her collection for different occasions. And one or even two must be white classic. For office and business meetings, choose a laconic blouse style, without unnecessary decorative elements, such as flounces and ruffles. But let the fabric be flowing, for example, satin or silk. Perfectly dilute the image of the presence of large pockets on the chest.

  • Skinny pants. Skinny trousers with or without creases are a trend of the last few seasons. Therefore, it is quite appropriate to include them in your business wardrobe. In addition, they will be a great alternative to the usual classic straight-cut models. By the way, in addition to the narrowed bottom, another highlight of these trousers can be a shortened length that opens the ankles. The main thing is that this “liberty” is allowed by the dress code in your office.

  • Jacket. Neither one business and stylish business woman can’t count his wardrobe complete without a jacket. After all, this incredibly comfortable and elegant thing will become a real lifesaver for your image. And here you can experiment a little with the style, choosing the classic version of a straight cut, elongated or fitted, in order to better emphasize a beautiful figure. Good selection and colors. The trend is universal black and white models, as well as dark blue, beige, brown and dark gray, which are easy to combine with other basic things.

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  • business suit. A little earlier, we already mentioned that there should be several business suits in the collection of a real business woman. And to make the wardrobe look more diverse, you can choose different, dissimilar options. For example, it can be a trouser classic that came into fashion at the suggestion of the legendary Yves Saint Laurent. Or a suit with a pencil skirt and a straight-cut jacket with a round neckline in the style of Coco Chanel.

  • Pleated skirt. If you want to add a little femininity to your business bow, but do not want to sacrifice elegance and style, then we advise you to pay attention to the midi-length pleated skirt. Without exaggeration, this universal thing will become a real favorite in your wardrobe, because it is very…

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