bust exercises

A beautiful female breast is not only a source of pride for the beautiful half of humanity, but also an object of admiration and desire for absolutely every man. What is meant by the term “beautiful bust”?

All women understand it differently. However, all opinions agree on only one thing – the chest should be elastic and toned.

If nature has deprived us of the opportunity to correct the size and shape of the breast without resorting to the help of surgeons, then thanks to a specially designed set of exercises and our diligence, it is quite possible to return the bust to appetizing elasticity.

So, let’s get started.

Exercise number 1.

As a rule, all workouts for this muscle group begin with push-ups. It is better to perform them on the floor. We place our hands shoulder-width apart and begin to do push-ups. To achieve the fastest and most visible result, the first 3-5 times should be performed at a slow pace. The rest of the push-ups are performed with acceleration, and on the last spin, we hold our arms straight.

Exercise number 2.

We turn to the task, which consists in squeezing the palms. We perform it in this way: we put our palms in front of us, connecting them at the same level with the chest. Next, we begin to press hard with both palms, while holding them for about 5-7 seconds. Optimal performance 10 times.

Exercise number 3.

Let’s get down to a less effective task. To do this, you will need to lie on the floor, spread your arms in different directions. It is extremely important to try to tighten the muscles of your arms in such a way as to lift your chest from the floor. You should pay special attention to breathing at this moment, because raising the chest should be performed only while inhaling. The number of repetitions is at least 10 times.

Exercise number 4.

To perform this part of the complex, you will need dumbbells as assistants. We accept the starting position, lie down on your back, on the floor. We hold dumbbells in both hands. Next, at the same time raise your hands up, fixing them above the chest. After taking another breath, we begin to lower our hands back, while stretching the pectoral muscles. At the very end, we bend our elbows, after which we slowly return to the starting position. You need to repeat this exercise at least 10-15 times.

Exercise number 5.

You will need to sit on your knees, while stretching your socks. Next, lower your body forward so that your chest touches your thighs. If physical capabilities allow, then continue to perform this exercise until your forehead touches the floor. On average, you should spend at least 1 minute on this task.

All of the above exercises can lead you to the desired results in just a few months. However, do not forget about one important condition – your desire and perseverance.

Good luck on your way to a beautiful bust!

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