Bustier dresses and combinations with bras and corsets: seductive New Year’s looks 2021

The upcoming 2021 is the year of elegance and femininity. Preference is given to sophisticated silhouettes, luxurious materials and intriguing sensuality. Bustier dresses, corsets, bra tops embodied newfangled moods. What colors and silhouettes, fabrics and decorations will be relevant for a festive celebration?

Decorations, colors and materials

New Year welcomes jewelry in the form of metal bracelets, necklaces, large earrings in the form of geometric shapes are suitable. A necklace, beads made of natural and precious stones look advantageous.

Actual New Year colors 2021:

  • white and all its shades;
  • grey;
  • silver and metallic;
  • emerald;
  • blue;
  • black;
  • yellow.

In the 2021 season, preference is given to satin, chiffon, silk, velvet, and lace among fabrics. Sequins and sequins are the New Year’s trend. Applique, embroidery (especially floral floral ornament), rhinestones, beads, feathers will add a festive look.

Bustier dress: a palette of images

What could be more attractive and charming than a female image in a bustier dress? The model is rightfully considered one of the most fashionable among the New Year’s outfits in 2021. Open shoulders and chest, half cups that lift the bust are the basic components of this dress.

The bustier is suitable for any woman, subject to a straight posture. To choose the right style, you need to take into account the features of the figure. For thin girls, it is better to emphasize the waist with a wide belt, a ribbon or an elegant thin belt; ladies with small breasts should choose a model with a lace bodice. If the hips are too wide, you can drape them with flounces, frills, but if the shoulders are voluminous, you need to choose flowing fabrics, the emphasis should not be on the waist, but on jewelry.

Trend details and silhouettes of the bustier dress for the New Year 2021:

  1. Frills and flounces.
  2. Asymmetry.
  3. Layering. The main layer is made of dense fabric, the top layer is made of transparent material.
  4. Cuts.
  5. Silhouette mullet (“fish”).
  6. Bustier-case subject to maxi length.
  7. Babydoll skirt or tutu skirt.

The length of the dress has no restrictions, but in the coming year it is better not to wear a scandalous mini. A light cape, jacket, shawl will emphasize the elegance of the image.

Bra and corset: an independent element

Corsets and bra tops are now at the peak of popularity. Therefore, the New Year celebration of 2021 will not do without them. Ensemble options can be the most daring and diverse. The main thing is to correctly determine what to focus on. If the top is strewn with sparkles, then the bottom should be more muted, and vice versa.

A combination of a satin bra with an airy organza skirt or a pleated skirt will be festive and fashionable. A velvet or sequin top and high-waisted floor-length trousers are an extravagant and stylish look. Playfulness will give the use of feathers in the New Year’s outfit, and lightness – a duet of a bra top and a transparent loose blouse with puffy sleeves. Eccentrics with a chiseled figure can wear a suit of a top and trousers on a naked body.

Such an item of women’s clothing as a corset will draw attention to the curves of the waist and the décolleté line. New Year’s fashion season highlights it as an independent element. A top-bustier with a corset tie is considered trendy. A set of white flowing trousers and a snow-white corset looks feminine and elegant. Lovers of fashion experiments should try to wear a corset over a dress or blouse. In this case, one should not forget about the harmony of colors and textures – one thing should be bright in the bow.

Christmas is a time for bold decisions. Fashion season 2021 is the year when everyone can feel free to express their femininity through clothes. Open shoulders and alluring cuts, sensual corsets and spicy bra tops, flowing shiny silhouettes – this is the arsenal for a bright New Year’s Eve for a real lady.

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