“But I’m not afraid”: Tina Kandelaki talked about the dependence of responsibility on success

Tina Kandelaki is sure that nowadays beauty can be called a profession. Therefore, many women believe that their main task is to preserve and increase beauty.

Tina writes on her Instagram page that she will forever remember the words of Alexander Tsekalo, who said that sexuality passes, but brains remain.

Kandelaki believes that it is best to develop your mind at work. She does not stop in this development for a second. Tina manages a sports channel team, produces films, created a cosmetic brand from scratch and promotes it. In this list, writes Kandelaki, there is nothing superfluous, nothing can be crossed out.

Tina notices that many people are mistaken in their opinion of her, believing that she is basking in the rays of glory, which came easily. Tina claims that the greater the success, the higher the price for mistakes. She is not afraid of it. After all, this is how Kandelaki lives – to the fullest, not allowing himself to grow old, constantly keeping his brain in good shape.

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Posted by Tina Kandelaki (@tina_kandelaki)

Fans actively commented on the post, admired Tina and the way she looks.

“You can’t cover smart brains with any dress,” a compliment flies from Denis.

“Well, what an easy success, how much I watch you, you are always working on yourself, on your projects, while completely immersing yourself in what you are doing) so you are beautiful both externally and internally,” writes Lyubov.

“Tina, you are a woman who commands a lot of respect. It would be great if the younger generation of girls aspired to your awareness of knowing the world. All the best, ”Pavel admires.

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