Buttock Enlargement Exercises

Any woman enjoys male admiring and female envious glances. And men’s eyes are fixed on the chest, waist and hips. But what to do if a chic sexy ass is not inherited from nature? You can, of course, use the surgical method and insert silicone implants. However, it is very expensive and does not guarantee a 100% positive result. It is much cheaper to do some physical exercises and the result will not be long in coming.


When it comes to buttock augmentation, the first thing that comes to mind from exercise is squats. With the help of regular squats, it is very difficult to achieve results on the buttocks. The muscles on the front of the thigh will pump up faster. In order to pump up the buttocks, you need to squat with your legs wide apart. At the same time, it is important not to tear your feet off the floor, spread your shins to the sides, and keep your back straight.

These squats are best done several times a day. You need to start with a small number of squats, for example, twenty. Every day you can add 5-10 squats. The first result will appear in the first week. The main thing is not to abandon what has been started. Visible results can only be achieved through systematic work.

Squats with weight

If the effect of regular wide-legged squats is not enough, then you can add weight. Squats are done in the same way as described above, only you need to pick up a pair of dumbbells or a barbell. To prevent the bar from resting on your knees, it would be better to place it on your back, and hold on to the edges with your hands. For this type of squat, the back will need to be slightly tilted forward, but not to bend. With dumbbells, the option is easier. Hands can be spread apart, pulled forward, pulled down between the legs or to the sides. If you stretch your arms forward or to the sides, then there will be an additional load on the arms.

Weighted squats are best started after a week or two of no-weight squats. Otherwise, the muscles will hurt and swell. It is better to start with 5-10 squats for several approaches. No need to immediately take ten-kilogram dumbbells or heavy barbells. For such squats, dumbbells of 0.5-1 kg, a bodybar or a barbell weighing 2-3 kg will go.


In order to pump up the upper part of the buttocks (there are the most stubborn muscles that require a lot of perseverance to pump them up), you need to swing back. To do this, you can either get on all fours, or perform swings while standing. No need to pull the toe. Bend your knee a little. When performing the exercise while standing, you need to slightly tilt your back forward, but do not bend. The leg does not need to be raised high, but it is also not necessary to do the exercise too low. 60 degrees would be enough.

Performing the exercise on all fours, you can lean both on your elbows and on straightened arms. You don’t need to arch your back. The leg should be raised as much as possible, as far as the body allows and do not forget to pull the foot towards you and bend the knee a little. After 20-30 swings, you should feel the upper muscle being pumped. Otherwise, either the exercise is performed incorrectly, or more swings are needed.

The advantage of this exercise is that the posterior femoral muscles swing. And if you also perform swings to the sides, you can get rid of the “ears” on the sides and raise the buttocks.


One of the most effective exercises for buttock augmentation are lunges. And both forward and backward. When lunging, the leg should be bent at the knee by about forty degrees. When performing the exercise, the back should be kept straight. It is best to start the exercise with 10 on each leg in both directions, two or three trips.

You can also perform a very effective clock exercise. It consists in lunges forward, backward and to the side in a clockwise direction. That is: lunge with the left foot forward, lunge with the right foot forward, lunge with the right foot to the side, lunge with the right foot back, lunge with the left foot back, lunge with the left foot to the side. The exercise got its name due to its association with the clock hand. 10 circles 2-3 sets per day will be enough for the initial stage of the exercises. Further, the number of circles can be gradually increased.

To increase the buttocks, it will be useful to do lunges with weight. To do this, you need two dumbbells weighing 0.5-1 kg. When lunging forward, stretch your arms with dumbbells forward, when lunging back, stretch your arms with dumbbells to the sides. Or just keep the dumbbells down if you don’t need extra stress on your arms. It is better to do such attacks less, but in several approaches.

“Walking” on the pope

This exercise is best done after the exercises described above. You just need to sit on the floor, stretch your legs and move straight. Thanks to this movement, all areas of the priests that have just worked very hard will be massaged. Five minutes of “walking” on the priest will speed up and improve the final result.

In addition to the fact that you need to perform at least one of the listed exercises daily, you must not forget about nutrition. Only with properly selected nutrition can a certain result be achieved. It is best to perform the entire set of exercises to achieve the best result. No need to wait that after a week of such exercises you will become the owner of the most appetizing priests in the area. At this stage, only the first results appear. After you get the desired result, you do not need to abandon the exercises. Otherwise, your butt will turn into a “porridge” or disappear again after a while. To stay in shape, you need to exercise two to three times a week.

In addition to exercise and nutrition, you can take advantage of cosmetic services. For example, to give elasticity, you can use the services of massage. Modern massage parlors offer various types of massage for the thighs and buttocks. You can also do various cosmetic wraps, take baths with essential oils, use various creams, etc.

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