Buzova and Todorenko show the same styles of swimsuits. What color to choose in 2021

After the hysteria that Olga Buzova threw on the air of the Match TV channel, the popular singer went to rest in Europe. Olga loves to delight her Instagram followers with different photos, as well as demonstrate her knowledge of fashion trends 2021.

In one of the last shots, Olga poses in a black two-piece swimsuit.

Regina Todorenko, the presenter and now a singer, keeps up with her star colleague. On her Instagram, she posted a photo in the same swimsuit as Buzova’s. The only difference is the color.

Useful information for all who follow fashion. Top 5 trendy swimwear colors for summer 2021:

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Black
  • Olive
  • Nyudovy

One of the popular prints is a chess cage. This print is applicable for tops, t-shirts, jackets, backpacks and even swimwear. Anfisa Chekhova, who enjoys her holidays in Egypt, flaunts in a trendy swimsuit.

The choice is yours. Stay trendy!

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