Callanetics for beginners: weight loss exercises

Every girl wants to have an attractive figure that would not only attract the eyes of men, arouse the envy of acquaintances and girlfriends, but also please with her reflection in the mirror. Oh, how I want to be beautiful! For this, someone goes to the gym and works out on simulators up to seven sweats, someone jumps to exhaustion in fitness rooms, and someone loves calmness, silence and at the same time efficiency, and therefore chooses callanetics. Among the variety of sports training, it occupies a special place. Let’s take a closer look at why.

What is it

Callanetics is a slow and calm gymnastics, which is designed to involve muscle groups that practically do not work in everyday life. This gives an amazing effect – along with rejuvenation and recovery, weight loss and body shaping seem to take place in and of itself. This gymnastics owes its name to its creator, the American ballerina Callan Pinckney, whom doctors recognized as terminally ill. However, she found the strength not only to survive, but also to become completely healthy and attractive, and callanetics helped her in this! Callanetics reached wide popularity in the USA in the 70s and every year it is gaining more and more popularity all over the world.

Secrets of the world popularity of callanetics:

  • High efficiency – doing 1 hour of callanetics, you get the same load as when doing fitness for 7 hours, or 24 hours of aerobics.
  • Health – there is a restoration of normal metabolism, and at the same time you become more active and cheerful.
  • Treatment of diseases – exercises according to this technique help to improve posture, relieve back pain and even contribute to the treatment of osteochondrosis
  • Speed ​​- changes begin to occur after a few sessions.
  • Availability – callanetics is suitable for all people without restrictions on physical fitness and age, it is especially useful for people who have a sedentary job or lead a passive lifestyle.
  • Simplicity – the exercises are easy to perform and do not require extra effort.
  • Calmness – all movements are performed calmly without running and jumping.
  • Saving money – for classes you do not need a special room, special sports equipment and an individual trainer, you can do it at home!
  • Save time – all exercises can be performed several times a day, when there is a free minute, for example, 15 minutes 4 times a day.

In callanetics, there is no division into beginners and professionals. Everyone is on an equal footing, with one difference: for unprepared people, a simplified program is provided that does not include all the exercises. At the same time, it should be remembered that, as in every sports discipline, callanetics has its own contraindications. You can not use this system of exercises for people with impaired vision, respiratory organs (including exacerbation of bronchial asthma), with varicose veins, with problems with the back and spine (only with the permission of a doctor and only some exercises), as well as people who recently had surgery.

To begin with, it is better not to overdo it, but to start classes three times a week. This is necessary in order to tone the muscles. Gradually, the load can be increased. Let’s take a closer look at the implementation of the simplest exercises for weight loss.

Exercises for weight loss

Slim waist.

This exercise will help to remove extra centimeters from the waist and buttocks. To do this, we spread our legs 25-35 cm wide, raise our right hand up, while the left hand remains on the belt. We stretch with all our might to the right side of the body, while the buttocks need to be pulled up and pushed forward a little and strain the back. In this position, you need to linger for 60 seconds, and then repeat this exercise with the left side. Repeat 50 times on each side, gradually increasing to 100 times.

Tight buttocks.

  1. We sit on a chair, spread our legs to the sides, stretch our socks. We bend to the left leg, while trying to touch the knees with the chest. We linger in this position for 1 minute. We repeat the inclinations while holding the position and on the right leg.
  2. We sit on a chair with our right side, while bending our legs at the knees. We shift our weight to the right thigh. We put the left hand on the thigh of the right leg, with the right hand we lean on the chair. We raise the left leg no more than 7 cm and slowly shake it. This keeps the back straight. Repeat the same exercise for the left side. This exercise is performed in 2 sets with a duration of 20-40 seconds, then we increase the time to 1 minute.
  3. We get on our feet. We place them shoulder-width apart. We raise our hands up. With all our strength we draw in the stomach. You should get the impression that you are growing up. After that, you need to bend your knees and slowly stretch your arms forward, bend down and stand in this position for 60 seconds. Keep your head straight, put your hands behind your back. This exercise must be performed 3 to 5 times.
  4. We kneel in front of the support (for example, it will be a chair) at a distance of 60 cm. We stretch the left leg to the side and turn the foot parallel to the floor. We push the pelvis forward and raise the left leg 3-5 cm up. Thus, the muscles of the buttocks will tighten and pump up. This exercise should be repeated 30-50 times on each leg.
  5. Kneeling, we raise our hands up and perform springy squats to the right and left in turn, while trying not to touch the heels.

We lose weight lying on our backs.

  1. We lie down on the floor, hands are directed in different directions, we stretch the right leg up and very slowly lower it to the right side, but we don’t put it on the floor, but spring it for 30-60 seconds. At the same time, we do not tear our back off the floor! By analogy, we do 3 approaches on the left leg.
  2. The legs are straight, one is raised at 90 degrees, the second is 5 cm off the floor. The upper body is slightly raised, arms are extended forward. We hold in this position for 30-60 seconds. We do it alternately on the other leg.
  3. Remaining in the same position, bend one leg at the knee, keep the other straight and parallel to the floor. Slowly spring to her. The duration of this exercise for each leg is 60 seconds.
  4. Slowly raise up the legs bent at the knees, while trying to raise the upper body, straighten your arms in front of you. Try to stay in this position for 1 minute.
  5. The starting position is to kneel, cross your arms and raise them above your head. Connect the feet. We pull ourselves up and then, slowly springing, we go down to the heels. When we feel that we are touching them, we squeeze our buttocks with all our might and hold in this position for 40-60 seconds. We do from 5 to 10 approaches.
  6. We do this exercise by analogy, only when …

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