Camelina oil: properties, benefits, contraindications, how to take

Camelina oil is a natural product obtained by squeezing from the seeds of a cruciferous plant – camelina sowing or false flax. This plant grows only in Europe, and in several regions of our country.

Camelina oil has a rich aroma and a slight spicy taste. The color of the product is almost brown, but only in unrefined oil. After the oil undergoes deodorization and refining, its color changes to yellow, and the taste becomes less bitter.

The most useful is camelina oil of the first extraction or otherwise unrefined. Its properties and aroma are more pronounced with this method of extraction. It is because of this that this oil is also called “German sesame or sesame”

Oil composition

The composition of camelina oil is unique. It contains many vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. These include:

  1. Vitamins A, K, E, D.
  2. Minerals magnesium, silicon, calcium.
  3. Fatty and organic acids: omega 3 and omega 6, palmintic, linoleic and linolenic.
  4. Phospholipids and carotenoids.

Useful properties of camelina oil

The benefits of such a composition for the human body are simply invaluable. Camelina oil has the following beneficial properties:

  1. Antioxidant properties of oil. Vitamin E, which is part of it, gives their oil. It prevents the formation of free radicals in the body, thereby slowing down aging and cell destruction.
  2. Cell regeneration and tissue regeneration in the human body. This is possible due to the presence of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids in the oil.
  3. Strengthening immunity. When oil is eaten, the body’s resistance to various diseases and viruses increases significantly.
  4. Normalization of the human cardiovascular system. The oil well contributes to the cleansing and strengthening of blood vessels, and also significantly lowers cholesterol levels in the blood. It plays a significant role in the prevention of atherosclerosis.
  5. Bringing the human hormonal balance back to normal. This is especially true for women, as camelina oil is used in the treatment of certain gynecological diseases. The use of oil during menopause and menopause significantly helps to alleviate the well-being of a woman at this time.
  6. Cleansing the body of toxins, decay products, toxins, as well as parasites.
  7. Anti-inflammatory and wound healing property. The oil well helps to cure wounds that do not heal for a long time, and also relieves inflammation on the skin in some of its diseases.
  8. Improving metabolism in the body. This property helps in quick weight loss by accelerating the breakdown of fats.
  9. Prevention and elimination of the causes of diseases associated with the stomach and intestines. This property of the oil is associated with its ability to heal small cracks in the mucous membranes.
  10. A sedative for increased excitability and in stressful situations.
  11. Restoration of lipid metabolism, bringing blood pressure and blood sugar to normal levels.
  12. Hypoallergenic properties of the product. The oil is perfect for all skin types.
  13. Benefits for vision, all mucous membranes and skin due to the content of carotenoids in the oil, which, when ingested, turn into vitamin A.
  14. Increase in hemoglobin level.
  15. Bringing the human reproductive system back to normal. This is especially true for women, but it also has a good effect on men. For example, it helps to quickly get rid of prostatitis.

Contraindications for use

Like any other products, besides the benefits, camelina oil has its own contraindications and can cause some harm to the body. Contraindications include:

  1. Individual intolerance to some components of the product.
  2. Oil is contraindicated for people suffering from this or that degree of obesity. The use of oil in this disease leads to a rapid set of extra pounds.
  3. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, pancreas in the stage of their exacerbation.
  4. Pregnancy and lactation period. At this time, there are some restrictions on the intake of oil. It can be taken only with the permission of a doctor.

Oil can also cause minor harm to the body. But this is possible only with excessive consumption of oil in food. In case of an overdose, a person experiences abdominal pain, flatulence, diarrhea, and an allergy may appear in the form of skin rashes.

In order to get only benefit from the product, and not harm, it is recommended, both for prevention and for treatment, to take 2-3 tablespoons of oil per day, but not more.

You can take oil before, after and during meals. It is especially good to take it in the presence of diseases such as atherosclerosis, gastritis, colds, diabetes and others.

Areas of use

Camelina oil has found its application in completely different areas, for example, such as:

  1. Cooking. Salads are seasoned with oil or added to hot dishes.
  2. Ethnoscience. It is used to remove parasites (helminths) from the body, with ulcers, constipation, nodular goiter, diabetes mellitus. Also, the oil helps well in the fight against cellulite, to eliminate various stretch marks on the skin, smooth wrinkles on the face.
  3. Traditional medicine. Oil is a part of many medicines of a different spectrum of action. Also, in some cases, doctors prescribe it to their patients as an additional remedy to the main drug to enhance its effect and speedy recovery of the patient.
  4. Cosmetology. Oil is an integral component of many healing masks, both for hair and human skin. It can also be used as a standalone product. It well eliminates various irritations on the skin, moisturizes and nourishes it, fights diaper rash, restores the structure of the hair along the entire length.

Rules for the selection and storage of oil

Despite the fact that camelina oil is undoubtedly a useful product, it is necessary to consult a doctor before starting to eat it. It will be useful to independently study in detail all the information about this product, including all available contraindications for use, as well as read people’s reviews about it.

It is best to buy camelina oil in pharmacies or in specialized stores. In this case, there will be more chances to purchase a really high-quality and healthy oil, and not a fake.

It is preferable to buy unrefined oil, as it contains more vitamins and nutrients compared to refined oil.

It is better to buy oil in small bottles. This is due to the fact that when exposed to air on …

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