Cap in the women’s wardrobe in the fall of 2019

How and with what to wear a girl’s cap, the most fashionable headdress, this fall? Let’s figure out which caps are now at the height of fashion, in what images of street culture they are used, with what they are combined.

The cap came into the women’s wardrobe from men’s fashion along with trousers, ties and hats. It has taken a strong place in the collections of fashion houses on the catwalks and in life. And it turned out that it goes well not only with street or sports style, but is also harmonious even in a feminine way, giving it some piquancy. The fashion of recent seasons likes to combine the seemingly incongruous, for example, trousers with dresses or chiffon skirts with brutal shoes.


Headdresses were not left without attention. And it is caps that are especially loved by stylists.

What style of cap is most relevant this fall

Newboy caps and baseball caps with a flat visor have become fashion favorites in recent seasons. Why are they so liked by designers and fashionistas?

  • The “newboy” style is also called the captain’s cap (captain hat) or is attributed to the military style (military cap), it is also called the newspaperman’s cap and cap. This type of headgear came into women’s fashion from a military uniform or, more precisely, from a uniform suit. Military, marine or professional. It differs from the usual cap by a higher crown, usually decorated with a chain, strap, cord and buttons, metal or covered with leather, and a wider visor.

Newboy cap

  • Another favorite of fashion has become a baseball cap with a straight visor. She came in a women’s suit from the rapper subculture, took a prominent place in the creation of a fashionable youth look. The straight visor is the highlight of this model, giving the image a daring and unusual look. Depending on the design, the baseball cap can look sporty, with a printed or embroidered logo, or more feminine, embellished with embroidery and rhinestones.

Stylish youth baseball cap with a straight visor

Other types of caps remain relevant.

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  • Caps “Gavroche”, with a voluminous soft-shaped top and a small visor, are comfortable and very suitable for casual style. In cold weather, they can also be pulled over the ears.

Women’s cap “Gavroche”

  • Jockeys shaped like a bowler hat with a visor. They give the image rigor and style. Such models come with ears, which is important in wet autumn weather.

Fashionable women’s caps with a visor

  • A soft bully cap, loved by men and women. She came into fashion from the thirties of the last century and periodically becomes a fashion trend.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important: This style is the most democratic and fits almost any face shape, depending on how the cap is worn.[/stextbox]

Stylish women’s eight-piece

  • Confederate, with a tapered top and a hard visor, which came into fashion from the time of the American Civil War. Remember the movie Gone with the Wind. The style is not suitable for every type of face. But he will definitely distinguish his mistress among those around him.

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How to brighten up your look with a trendy cap

Now fashion loves compromises. And sometimes it combines such diverse things in one image that sometimes you freeze from surprise. And then the thought comes: “But the look looks more interesting!”

You can wear a fashionable cap for a girl this fall with a variety of combinations of clothing items, creating a fresh and unique look.

Bright youth images with caps

The cap looks good – “newboy” with a jacket, leather jacket, tweed jacket or drape. You can complement the image with a scarf and gloves. Leather caps are suitable for military, with straps and metal details, they are more in line with the mood of this style.

Images with caps on the catwalk

In the choice – trousers or a skirt, there are no strict instructions. It can be jeans, wide trousers or tight-fitting ones that look organic in the chosen bow. Or a skirt – short, long, narrow, wide. And the fabric of the skirt and trousers can be denim, tweed, wool. At fashion shows, airy layered skirts are often combined with a jacket, cap and boots with thick soles. Looks bold. The brave can take risks!

Classic look for fall

Different styles of caps go great with coats, wrap-around drapes or oversized coats that can be pulled down over one shoulder. Depending on the style of the headdress, the image will turn out to be playful if you wear a “hooligan” or “Gavroche”, and more strict with a jockey and a confederate.

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Organically look different styles of caps with knitted cardigans, large-knit sweaters.

What can be combined with a cap in a cage

To make it more clear to you – with what you can wear and combine a cap for a modern girl this autumn-winter season, pay close attention to our photo selection. But, most importantly, the image should be created harmonious and emphasizing individuality!

Bold combinations of caps and trendy outerwear

How you can change the image by wearing caps in different ways

There are also variations with the way to put on a headdress. Looking at the photos of the fall 2018 fashion shows, you can see how designers set the mood for the image by putting caps on models in different ways.

Stylish images with baseball caps

You can put on a headdress straight or with a visor forward. And the image will be more strict. And if you move the visor to its side, then the view becomes defenseless and cute.

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The more resolute ones are put on with a visor back, creating an image of a daring and rebellious one. Thanks to our advice, each girl will be able to decide how it is more convenient for her to wear a cap, creating her own unique image.

Stylish female images with caps

[stextbox id=’info’]Idea: Try to play in front of the mirror with a way to put on a cap, catch with an inner feeling which option is yours.[/stextbox]


What color to choose?

The choice of color depends on your style and courage. Bright colors are good, especially in autumn, when the time for golden colors gives way to gray rainy weather. And a bright cap can please both you and those around you. The red color looks especially bold, attracting the eye and making you stand out against the background of the gray environment.

Headdress in rich burgundy tone and classic gray colors

[stextbox id=’info’]Pay attention: Girls with problems on the skin of the face are better off not taking risks, because the red color attracts attention and emphasizes what you don’t want to flaunt.[/stextbox]

You can choose a color that repeats some detail of the toilet. For example, in the tone of sneakers or trim on clothes. It looks organic and stylish.

Caps in bright colors

The color can be neutral if you feel more comfortable. Black goes with any look. If you want to wear your cap in different situations and with different looks,…

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