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Capris, bubble skirts and other dubious summer 2020 trends

The authoritative publication in the fashion world Harper’s Bazaar has placed the main accents of the summer season. They say that fashion trends are back, and the styles from the magazine confirm this. Top designers recommend flared jeans, 70s collars, ruffled dresses and leather jackets. And this is an incomplete list of dubious trends that will enter our reality in the summer of 2020.

dubious trends

Capri, palazzo, culottes

Pants of these non-standard styles are again at the height of fashion. And if you add flared jeans to the list, you get a complete trouser wardrobe for the hot season.


The trend is acid colors and crazy colors. Not all fashionistas and fashionistas will wear such outfits. You need to be tall and have a good figure to wear these things every day.

pants color

However, among the variety of styles there are universal trousers. Bermudas, bananas and high-waisted classics will suit any figure. And shades of white, gray and blue will make the everyday look stylish and relevant.

Voluminous dresses and bubble skirts

On the chiseled figures of girls, these models look harmonious. But it is difficult to imagine such outfits on women working in offices or in the markets. Bloated silhouettes hide the figure, but do not make it slimmer, but rather the opposite. Numerous folds add extra pounds and are more appropriate for a summer carnival.

puffy dresses

If desired, among the presented summer dresses, you can find a suitable style with a fashionable floral print or ethnic style.

fashion dress

Absolute transparency

Stella McCartney and Valentino presented dresses from flying chiffon. At first glance, they are perfect and cause genuine delight among fashionistas. But on the second it’s just “naked” dresses that flaunt feminine charms.

transparent outfit

Do not refuse the recommendations of famous designers. You can wear a long satin top under the transparent beauty, and the outfit will become relevant for weddings and parties.

long dress

summer outfits

Skin in the summer – absurdity from the 90s

Stylists insist: leather items will become basic in 2020 wardrobes. Collections of designers are models of bright leather complete with boots. Will fashionistas be able to fit new trends into summer everyday life? Perhaps if the skin allows you to breathe in the 30-degree heat.

leather pants

Butterflies and lanterns

Grotesque outfits with voluminous sleeves are presented on the catwalks. Designers recommend mini dresses, blouses, sundresses with lanterns and flying ruffles with a lot of folds.

voluminous sleeves

It seems that such models will not take root in reality. But no – desperate fashionistas are already buying blouses with puffed out sleeves, and soon graceful fairies with “wings” will appear on the streets of cities.

puffed-sleeve blouse

Tone on tone: monochrome grace

Fashion 2020 dictates a rule for ladies and gentlemen – stick to one color. At the peak – strict suits in gray, mustard and lavender tones.

summer suit

Guys are advised to abandon bright ties and switch to monochrome: twos and threes in a single color ensemble with shirts and men’s accessories.

fashion trends

Designers advise, and whether to wear or not, dudes and ordinary people decide. Trendsetters have enough ideas for everyone, it is only important to choose the appropriate images and create your own unique style.

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