Capsule wardrobe at sea 2023

Capsule wardrobe by the sea 2023 helps to fill the suitcase with the necessary and stylish things that, in different combinations, create fashionable looks. We promise, with this set you won’t have to buy extra space in your luggage!

Ribbed tank top

The basic ribbed t-shirt is the new t-shirt for summer 2023. The irreplaceability of this trend is at its peak – the t-shirt is combined with literally any bottom and accessories, and also takes the lead role in trendy layered ensembles.

Floral dress

Feminine floral print is the defining trend of women’s fashion in the summer of 2023. We agree that there is little novelty in this trend, but it is guaranteed to create a romantic summer mood in the image.

Pastel or bright contrast, large or small, field or garden – all variations of botany are seen in the summer collections. When choosing, we advise you to focus on the taste and features of the figure – for example, with plus size parameters, large and contrasting flowers are contraindicated.

Fashion hack! An oversized boyfriend shirt worn as a dress will create a stylish beach look for summer 2023.


Palazzo is a modern classic, the best embodiment of elegance and good taste. Loose trousers made of natural material (cotton or linen) will provide comfort in hot weather, as well as create an elegant mood in the image. We advise you to choose a model with an oversized fit to demonstrate the figure in a favorable light.


A loose shirt is both a basic item and an exact hit in the fashion trends of summer 2023. The model in white is the most versatile in combinations, but options in pastel or bright shades are also popular.

Stylish shirt looks for summer 2023 are endless. This top can be coquettishly knotted and combined with a skirt, trousers or shorts. The shirt also looks stylish in layered ensembles with a crop top or t-shirt. Another fashionable idea is a shirt as an upper layer in an outfit with a dress or sundress.


Stylists do not advise adding short denim shorts to the women’s capsule of summer 2023 – elongated bermudas will be a more relevant and elegant solution. The priority is a loose fit, which is considered a synonym for comfort and versatility.

Fashion looks with Bermuda shorts 2023 are endless. For example, you can try out a duet with a ribbed tank top, crop top, shirt or kimono, and for the beach, a combination with a swimsuit bodice is suitable.


Let’s not forget to put your swimsuit in your capsule wardrobe for a trip to the sea in 2023! To expand the range of fashionable combinations, you can choose two bikini models that are piece by piece combined with each other.

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Maxi skirt

A romantic, wind-blown skirt is the perfect base for a walk along the coast. In the summer of 2023, at the peak of popularity, the maxi length, which embodies femininity and elegance. From fashionable styles, we note a straight cut, variations with frills and a straight cut.


To diversify fashionable images at sea in 2023, connect trendy accessories. The first indispensable element is a stylish headdress that will save you from sunstroke and diversify your looks. The most versatile choice would be a wide-brimmed hat, panama or scarf.

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The next must-have item is beautiful jewelry for a stylish end to summer outfits. Fashion 2023 season suggests paying attention to jewelry with shells, uneven pearls and beads.

As a fashionable pair of shoes for the sea in 2023, stylists recommend choosing a model that is guaranteed to fit into any look. For example, leather sandals make friends with both a dress and trousers.

The women’s capsule 2023 at sea includes things that are universal in their combinations, which will allow you to look stylish and relevant on vacation. Fashion accessories will complete the look, and photo ideas of images will inspire fresh experiments with style!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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