Capsules Kuaimy for weight loss: composition, results, reviews

A beautiful body is always in fashion, and in order to keep themselves in shape, people use a variety of means. In the fight against excess weight, they resort to the help of sports, diets, proper nutrition, biologically active food supplements.

Capsules Kuaimy for weight loss is a dietary supplement, which, according to the description, contributes to the normalization of weight without any extra effort and harm to health. These capsules are becoming very popular, and Internet sites are full of a wide variety of reviews. Someone is delighted with their action and felt the result after a couple of weeks, while someone noticed only a deterioration in well-being, which in no way contributed to weight loss.

The composition of the drug and the effect on the body

In pharmacies, you can find Kuaimy capsules (manufactured by a Chinese company) of two varieties: based on marine plants or red pepper. Diet pills contain alkali, glycosides, nutrients, protein and one of the components – hot red pepper extract or several types of seaweed. Pepper tablets have become more popular among consumers. How does their composition work?

Algae-based capsules remove excess fluid from the body and stimulate the thyroid gland, i.е. the main emphasis is not on weight loss, but on the normalization of the body as a whole.

Capsules with pepper extract, on the contrary, promise precisely a rapid weight loss. It is believed that red pepper improves metabolism and helps the body burn calories faster. As the manufacturer of capsules Kuaimy promises, the extract of hot red pepper, which is part of the tablets, contributes to the rapid burning of calories and prevents the appearance of body fat.

Since red pepper is a very potent component, in order to soften the reaction of the body, alkali was introduced into the composition of the tablets. It helps the digestive system, neutralizing the effect of pepper extract on it and protecting it from side effects such as heartburn, heaviness, and pain.

Glycosides are carbohydrate-containing substances. They help reduce appetite, which is important in the fight against excess weight.

The composition of the drug Kuaimy, according to the manufacturer, is only substances of natural origin, which makes it completely safe for the body. This is not a drug, but a biologically active food supplement that has a positive effect on the metabolic rate. Capsules can be taken by everyone, regardless of age, gender, general condition of the body. The manufacturer promises lightning-fast weight loss, appetite control and at the same time good health without lethargy and apathy, which are companions of any diet.

How to use?

Kuaimy capsules are very easy to use. They are a mixture of plant extracts coated with a shell. According to the manufacturer’s advice, it is best to take the tablets in the morning, it does not matter if it is before or after breakfast. The tablet should be taken with plenty of water.

It is enough to take the capsule once a day. According to the description, during this time, the components that make up the drug actively burn calories and prevent the formation of body fat. Manufacturers promise weight loss by 10-15 kg with regular intake of capsules for a month, and this is in the absence of additional physical activity and special diets.

Doctors’ opinion

The opinion of experts about Kuaimy slimming capsules is very ambiguous. In its composition, doctors do not see anything that would contribute to rapid weight loss without any effort. Red pepper extract, according to research, does increase the metabolic rate, but not so much that the weight began to decrease dramatically. The metabolic rate increases by 3-4%, which is very small.

Hot pepper in the composition of the drug also raises doubts among experts. Pepper is a very dangerous substance, in particular for people with gastrointestinal problems, liver or heart disease. This means that capsules containing pepper extract are contraindicated in many cases. Yes, alkali partially neutralizes the effects of pepper, but not enough to completely rid a person of side effects. In this regard, when taking capsules, heartburn, nausea, dizziness, stomach pain, bitterness in the mouth may occur. However, it should be taken with caution.

The nutrients and protein in the capsules cannot be dangerous to the body, but, according to doctors, they will not bring any significant effect. The manufacturer does not specify which substances are contained in the preparation and in what dosage, therefore, it remains only to assume that, like most dietary supplements, their amount is very small.

There are complaints about the method of application. It is best to take the capsule after breakfast, and not before it, in order to soften the effect on the digestive organs. For breakfast during the course of taking Kuaimy capsules, it is not recommended to eat sour-milk products, fruits and vegetables. It is better to prefer meat with a side dish or scrambled eggs.

Thus, the opinion of experts about Kuaimy capsules is very skeptical. They are able to slightly speed up metabolism, but intensive fat burning cannot occur due to the characteristics of the elements that make up the capsules. If, while taking these pills, you do not adhere to a diet and do not give the body physical activity, no outwardly pronounced changes will occur. In addition, despite the manufacturer’s assurances of the safety of the drug, it is still better to consult a doctor, since hot pepper extract is dangerous for a number of diseases.

Reviews about the drug

There are many reviews on the Internet of those who have experienced the effect of Kuaimy tablets. Opinions are very varied.

  • Taking the drug helped to achieve good results: weight decreased by several kilograms in a month, health improved, working capacity increased, mood improved. But it should be noted that people who saw such a result are only about 10% of the total number of those who shared their impressions.
  • The main part of those who took the capsules noted that the result was very insignificant: 1-2 kilograms lost after a month of taking dietary supplements, a decrease in appetite was noticed, but at the same time there were unpleasant sensations in an easily tolerable form: fatigue, discomfort in the stomach, dryness or bitterness in the mouth . The opinions of these people boil down to the fact that a similar result could be achieved simply by adhering to proper nutrition and doing physical exercises.
  • A considerable part of overweight people, having started taking capsules, stopped doing it after a few days.

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