Cardigan is stylish and practical

Watching the fashion trends of 2018, it is easy to see that cardigans, which have become favorites for the last couple of years, are strengthening their positions on the catwalks. Looking through photos from fashion shows, you are amazed at the invention of designers, the proposed models are so interesting and unexpected. And there is confidence that a cardigan is a must have for every woman, regardless of age and build.

Do not be afraid to experiment and bright colors

Why a cardigan should be in every woman’s wardrobe

Recently, the cardigan has become a trend in the collections of fashion houses. He became a competitor of jackets, raincoats, demi-season coats of autumn bows. The image with it looks more stylish and dynamic. This type of clothing is comfortable and relevant in any look, be it office style, casual or street style. Suitable for young and mature, for full and slender ladies, which makes it a desirable wardrobe item for every fashionista.


With the help of a cardigan, focusing on the fashion trends of this fall, to create a stylish look, you do not need to radically update your clothes for the season. As you can see in the selection of photos from the 2018 shows, wearing a fashionable cardigan with a sweater and regular jeans or a skirt of any length creates a fashionable spectacular bow. You just need to choose the right model for yourself.

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What cardigans are at the height of fashion

The variety of cardigans makes them appropriate in any style from street and office to romantic and sporty. This can be seen in the photo collection.

Asymmetric cardigans

[stextbox id=’info’]Length – short, medium, midi or maxi. Volume – from tight to oversized. With and without sleeves, with a clasp and under the belt.[/stextbox]

Consider the options for models that are worth paying attention to.

  • Maxi cardigans, reaching to the shoes, will look elegant on both tall girls and short women. Spectacular models of thin knitwear, without fasteners, which will give the figure lightness and dynamism.

Maxi length cardigans

  • Asymmetric cardigans fit any figure and complexion. Carrying the freedom of the boho style, they look creative and bring originality to the image.
  • Oversized cardigans on the crest of popularity. This style fell in love with our beauties and firmly holds its position. In a voluminous cardigan you look fragile and a little defenseless, resembling a girl. And yes, it is comfortable to wrap up in it.

Deliberately voluminous cardigans

  • Poncho cardigans, resembling a regular poncho in cut, but with a slit in front. It is dressed in a saddle, may have fixed cuffs to simulate a sleeve. The model with cuffs is more comfortable to wear.

Poncho cardigans

  • Cape cardigans, which is a cape with cutouts for the hands. The model is elegant, but you need to be able to wear such clothes. Suitable for self-confident persons who want to attract attention, as it looks very unusual.

Cape cardigan

  • And of course Lalo cardigan. A bit of history. This type of clothing was invented by Lalo Dolidze, who was not a designer or couturier. She created in 2013 a chunky knit cardigan with custom braids and a color gradient from bottom to top. Her works have gained popularity in the world and are in great demand. With her sister Nano, she creates the Lalo brand and now produces knitwear under it. In 2018, this unusual knit with 3D effect and an incredible combination of colors remains relevant. Only a very experienced knitter can knit Lalo, and high-quality threads are required. Therefore, they are not cheap. But they look so irresistible that the money spent on them is not a pity.

Cardigan Lalo

  • must be noted and cropped cardigans large knit. On slender girls, they will emphasize the sophistication of the figure, give a stylish look.

An example of a shortened cardigan model

[stextbox id=’info’]Such a model is not at all suitable for owners of magnificent forms of any height. The figure will look more overweight.[/stextbox]

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Knitted cardigans – relevant in any look

Although we have already noted the popularity of short knitted cardigans and Lalo, it must be said that any model of a fashionable cardigan can be made in a knitted version. In 2018, as in the new 2019, hand knitting will remain in trend.

Textured knit cardigans

Therefore, for craftswomen of knitting needles and a hook, there are many ideas in this regard. Both thin-knit cardigans and voluminous cardigans are in fashion now. Moreover, the volume can be achieved through the use of such knitting techniques as braids and plaits, garter stitch, and through the use of super thick yarn.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Knitting a cardigan from super thick yarn is within the power of a not very experienced knitter. And there is no need for special patterns. Moreover, simplicity and conciseness are in fashion. Therefore, a thing made with a garter or stocking stitch looks stylish and interesting. The main thing is that it be done carefully. Dare boldly![/stextbox]

Large knit cardigans look interesting

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Interesting openwork products made of fine yarn. They are especially good if crocheted. This, of course, is not a street version of clothing, but in autumn and winter we live not only on the street. In a solemn occasion, an openwork cardigan dressed over a strict plain dress will create an elegant look that matches the fashion trends of minimalism. And if the dress is short and a maxi cardigan is a bow suitable for a romantic meeting or a festive company.

This model also looks interesting with leggings and tight-fitting trousers.

Mid length cardigans

[stextbox id=’info’]More fashionable now for openwork cardigans, beige, light gray, cream and powdery colors are best worn with dark clothes underneath to emphasize the tenderness of the openwork, and indeed the whole set.[/stextbox]

Knitted from thick yarn and mohair, cardigans can be worn in autumn as warm outerwear. Beat the neck with a scarf or snood, it will be warm and comfortable.

How and with what to wear a cardigan

The options for incorporating this type of clothing into a fashionable look are endless.

A light cardigan is indispensable in autumn. Over a sweater and jeans in street style, he will warm and emphasize the individuality of his mistress. Dressed with a dress, skirt or trousers with a blouse, it will be appropriate for any office dress code.

Jeans, pumps, top or turtleneck – a classic combination for a look with a cardigan

A cardigan looks especially bold and irresistible in combination with shorts and high boots. It can be a midi or maxi length model. So that the bottom of the cardigan reaches the middle of the boot or below.

What length cardigans do you like?

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[stextbox id=’info’]The combination of large knit on a cardigan with a top or blouse in linen style with lace and delicate fabric looks stylish. Try it on, maybe this image will suit you.[/stextbox]

Models of medium length are practical and appropriate with sports, office, business style. They won’t single out a lady…

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