Cardio workouts for weight loss

In the fight against excess weight, any means are good. The most effective is cardio. These are intensive physical activities that perfectly train the cardiovascular system, increase the vital capacity of the lungs, tone the muscles of all groups. And most importantly, they help to part with extra pounds. The most common types of cardio training are running, jumping (including jumping rope), cycling, swimming, fitness, and aerobics.

How much time to devote to training is up to you, in most cases they recommend 30 minutes 3-4 times a week. I would recommend doing it every day. You can find time for cardio training in between things: walking to and from work all the way or at least a few stops, climbing stairs without an elevator. Cleaning snow, raking autumn leaves, weeding beds in the country, carrying water from a well to water plants – but you can think of a lot.

You can buy a treadmill and exercise on it while watching a movie or an interesting show. You can put the treadmill on the balcony and exercise with an open window all year round. Player in your ears, intense music and go!

The step platform also has high efficiency, and it takes up absolutely nothing in a small apartment.

It is useful to periodically change the rhythm of movements: then accelerating, then slowing down. If you are walking down the street, pretend from time to time that you are very late for something. It will be great if you can walk “race walking”: picking up ski or any other poles, rolling from heel to toe.

It is important to monitor your breathing, it is necessary that it does not go astray. While walking, I recommend maintaining such a rhythm so that you can talk.
So that cardio classes do not get bored, it is better to alternate different types: running and walking, swimming and jumping … Change routes, walk and run in different ways, listen to rhythmic music while moving.

During bad weather outside, you can train at home. Women especially enjoy aerobics or dancing. Dance movements performed to incendiary music, in addition to a general strengthening, fat-burning effect, develop coordination of movements, improve posture, tighten muscles and give a huge charge of vivacity and good mood!

An important detail is the choice of shoes. It is better to do it in comfortable shoes suitable for these purposes. It is important that it is in size, does not sting or rub. Clothing for sports should be comfortable, seasonal, easily absorbing sweat.

The rate of weight loss during training depends on many factors. First of all, on the number of calories consumed in the daily diet, as well as on the metabolic rate, training intensity, gender and age, and on the initial percentage of body fat.

It has been proven that only carbohydrates are consumed during the first 20 minutes of aerobic training. And only then lipolysis of fats begins. Therefore, I advise instead of a twenty-minute run – an hour-long walk with a variable pace, then accelerating, then slowing down.

There is a lot of debate about the benefits or harms of a morning workout (running). On an empty stomach, there is a minimum amount of sugar in the blood, so the process of burning fat during a morning run begins almost immediately, and not after 20 minutes.

But, as you know, all people are divided into “lark” and “owls”, the latter is especially difficult to get up in the morning even half an hour earlier to go for a morning run or do a set of physical exercises. It is better for such people to go to the stadium (get on the treadmill, pick up a rope, etc.) in the evening, 2-2.5 hours after dinner. Immediately after a workout, it is useful to eat something protein, easily digestible, for example, drink a glass of kefir.

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