Care of women’s legs and care for them

Let’s take a look at the basic foot care rules that will help you bring your fantasies of perfect legs closer to reality.

Let’s start with the hips. Everyone is familiar with such a phenomenon as cellulite and “ears” (growths of fat on the thighs).

These problems are solved by special massage complexes, sports and an enhanced diet. It is also necessary to reduce sweet, fatty, salty and fried foods in your diet.

Perform daily gymnastics aimed at problem areas, taking a shower, do not forget to massage the thighs with a specially designed massager. Of course, you should not count on a quick result in such a case, at least six months should pass, and in some cases you still have to resort to liposuction.

The next acute problem of women’s legs is varicose veins.

The cause of this disease is a violation of the outflow of blood through the veins. As a method of dealing with varicose veins, the use of gels and ointments should be considered. But such a struggle can only delay the development of the disease.

The most effective solutions include endovenous laser therapy, pneumovacuum massage and intervention of surgeons (extreme case). The main thing is to identify the problem in time and deal with it.

The formation of curvature is another problem for the beauty of the legs. Surgical intervention and subsequent physical exercises are the most optimal.

A few words should be said about the fungus, which can be purchased anywhere. To combat it, special ointments are used, which should be prescribed only by a doctor.

Flat feet. This disease is dangerous for its consequences, which include rheumatism, sciatica and osteochondrosis. In order to avoid negative consequences, it is necessary to use orthopedic insoles, massage sandals and perform gymnastic exercises.

The most famous problem that everyone has encountered is corns. To prevent corns, as an option, you can consider regular visits to salons, where your legs will be given preventive procedures. Self-treatment includes – baths of medicinal chamomile and sea salt, lubricating the feet with nourishing creams.

Finally, I would like to repeat how important it is not to forget to do gymnastics, use hygiene products, walk barefoot as often as possible, try not to wear someone else’s shoes and use public showers, never wear rubber sneakers on bare feet. We must not forget that foot care is the health of the whole organism.

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