Caret styling 2023

Bob haircut 2023 proves that even with a short length you can look different, but always the same stylish. We will tell you and show you what images you can create on a classic hairstyle at home – you just have to repeat your favorite outfits!


Direct bob styling with bangs 2023 looks stylish if the strands are obedient. Stylists advise not only to straighten the strands with an iron, but also to increase the effect of the image with the help of a gel or spray that gives smoothness.

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strands back

If you have been wondering how to style a 2023 bob at home, take a look at the spectacular back hair option. To repeat the image, treat the strands with foam and, lifting at the roots, comb back with a round brush. You can dry such a styling on a square without bangs with both hot and cold air.

With structural curls

In order for the curls to acquire a structural effect that is fashionable in the 2023 season, decorate the desired risk with wax or paste. The preliminary wave can be done in a convenient way – with a curling iron, curlers or ironing.

Salt texturizing spray is the best assistant for creating beach-style curls. To make the styling look relevant in the 2023 season, add volume to the strands at the roots and slight negligence.

With waves

Laying caret waves 2023 with a fashionable broken effect is created using ironing. Take it step by step and you will succeed!

Curls on a square in a romantic style look beautiful when wrapped with a curling iron with a direction from the face.

Hollywood wave styling and bob haircut are the perfect pair for a special occasion. To form a smooth curve, let the curls dry with clips and fixations in the form of a circle (as if on invisible curlers) and comb through with a wide comb.


To create a voluminous styling, you will need foam for thick or mousse for thin strands. Dry shampoo also helps lift the roots.

After the strands have dried by a third, it’s time to start styling with a hair dryer. With a round brush, lift the roots and set the direction of the tips. Powder for volume at the roots and varnish will help fix the styling.

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With side parting

Hair styling 2023 with a hair dryer will help you create a trendy side parting and significantly increase the volume of your hair.

The procedure is simple: first, treat the strands with foam from the roots, comb to one side and dry in the direction of growth. Then the manipulation is repeated in the opposite direction. After that, tilt your head down, comb the strands with raising the roots. The final touch is the design of the volumetric parting and the fixation of efforts.

With accessories

Haircut styling with fashionable hairpins and invisible hair looks stylish with a design on one side. Trendy asymmetry is perfect for an evening look.

Laying on a short square will only benefit if you complement it with a fashionable rim. Among the stylish accessories, it is easy to choose accents for everyday life and a special occasion.

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The photo shows how bob haircuts look with fashion accessories – stylish and varied!

wet effect

The 2023 medium bob is ideally suited for the effect of wet hair, which has not lost its relevance for several seasons (and is definitely not going to lose ground!).

With weaves

Laying a caret with your own hands is easily obtained with the addition of various weaves. Literally a few links of a classic braid can make a hairstyle voluminous, stylish and romantic.

With graceful weaves, Malvin’s styling on the basis of a square looks beautiful. The technique is elementary – it is necessary to braid the temporal strands into braids and fasten over the back of the head. Volumetric plaits and delicate accessories will decorate the styling.

Now you know how to make bob hairstyles in the 2023 season and look stylish. A variety of beautiful images is one of the secrets of the eternal relevance of an elegant and practical haircut.

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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