Carniton for weight loss: instructions for use

Currently, there are more and more manufacturers of “miracle remedies” on the market that promise to help women in the fight against excess weight. Many drugs do not give the expected effect, so there are a lot of unflattering reviews about them on the Internet. Carniton appeared on the market not so long ago, but in a short time managed to gain respect and good opinion from consumers.

Carnitone is a dietary supplement of domestic origin, which includes the active substance – Levocarnitine and L-carnitine. The instruction of the drug promises to provide the body with the most suitable conditions for losing weight. You need to know that levocarnitine is an amino acid that is found in all cells of the human body.

For normal and stable functioning of the body, he needs to receive at least 300 mg of Levocarnitine and L-carnitine per day. With a lack of this substance, a person feels tired, his body weight increases, physical and mental capabilities are significantly reduced, and the efficiency of internal organs decreases. Most of all, schoolchildren, students and athletes feel the lack of this acid.

The fourth part of the norm of acid is produced by the body on its own. The rest usually enters the body during meals, which contain amino acids. A huge amount of acid is found in beef. Eating about 400 grams of beef per day can provide the daily requirement for amino acids. If a person is not able to receive the required dosage of Levocarnitine and L-carnitine in a natural way, the use of Karniton is justified.

The components of the drug, as already mentioned, directly affect the process of splitting fats, while releasing the energy that feeds the heart, liver, muscles and kidneys of a person. Carnitine is present in meat broth, which is considered an assistant to immunity and a restorer after illness.

Information about the drug

The composition of Carniton includes vital substances: vitamins B11 and BT, Levocarnitine and L-carnitine. These substances have a positive effect on the course of metabolic and energy exchange processes in the human body. The biologically active additive tends to be well absorbed when taken orally, penetrating into muscle tissues and the liver. Carniton is excreted from the body after about 10 hours.

The substance L-carnitine, when ingested, can reduce the metabolism of fats, reducing the breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates, while breaking down fatty acids. The result is improved absorption of food, which in turn leads to weight loss. There is also a restoration of the structure of the nervous tissue.

The drug is available in tablet or liquid form. The package contains 20 tablets, and the bottle contains 20 ml of the product. The storage conditions of Carniton are not much different from other drugs. It should be stored at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees, in a place protected from direct sunlight. In pharmacies, Karniton is dispensed without a doctor’s prescription.


You need to drink Karniton 1 tablet 1 time per day during a meal. The time of taking the drug is not important. The entire course of admission should not exceed 1 month. Despite the harmlessness of the drug, there are contraindications to its use. Pregnant and lactating women, people who are hypersensitive to the components of the drug, should not be taken categorically.

We must not forget that there is no need to eat immediately before the workout itself. It is advisable to have a meal with a high protein content 2-3 hours before training. After training, water should be drunk in moderation, however, it is not recommended to eat at least 1 hour after training. Speaking about the frequency of sports, it should be noted that the appearance of the result is proportional to the frequency of training.

Carnitone is a drug that can slightly increase blood pressure, and therefore after it it is not recommended to take drugs with similar properties, as well as coffee and chocolate.

Recommendations for use

The drug should be taken as prescribed by the doctor, since only he can determine the dosage and duration of the course. Taking the drug for a course of more than six months can even harm, so you should take breaks between the prescribed courses.

The effectiveness of the drug can manifest itself only with simultaneous sports and the presence of constant physical exertion. If you lie on the couch and take Carniton, the weight will not decrease by a single gram.

You can combine taking Carniton with dancing, yoga, cycling, aerobics, jogging and other active hobbies.

Also, while taking Carniton, give up harmful and too high-calorie foods, give up frequent snacks. Try to eat as little animal fat as possible. The ideal option would be to follow a fitness diet, but in no case should you start fasting.

Some experts recommend taking Carniton for children, because it contains only nutrients and components. Usually the child receives the required dose of L-carnitine from the mother’s breast milk or from food. If a deficiency of this substance is detected in a newborn child or a child under the age of 1 year, the doctor may prescribe Carniton in the form of a suspension of 8 to 20 drops. As a rule, the drug is taken by the child once. With the increase in the age of the child, the dosage of the drug increases.

Side effect

Any drug or dietary supplement may have side effects. A person taking Carniton may experience an allergic reaction, in the form of a rash or redness. People with uremia may experience muscle weakness.

Advantages of Carniton

This drug at a relatively low price has significant advantages. These include: the harmlessness of the drug, promoting weight loss during exercise, low side effects, and of course low cost. In pharmacies or online stores, the minimum price for Carniton fluctuates around 300 rubles. There are also analogues of Carniton – Carniten or Elcar, they have similar active ingredients in their composition. The correct course of treatment allows you to reduce weight by 4-5 kilograms per month, without harm to health and its subsequent rapid return.

In conclusion, it should be noted that it is not necessary to start taking the drug in question without the recommendation of a doctor, since each organism is individual and has its own characteristics. Of course, small dosages of the drug are not …

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