Carving for medium hair

In recent seasons, carving for medium-length hair has been very popular among fashionistas; this is a procedure that allows you to get truly chic curls, but at the same time is as gentle as possible.


Benefits of carving

A fashionable novelty will be appreciated by girls whom nature has not awarded with naturally voluminous curls. Carving will help to add splendor to the hairstyle, the curls will look thick, heavy and shiny.

You can fully get an idea of ​​the effectiveness of carving on medium hair if you study the before and after photos. The undoubted advantages of this procedure include the following:

  • carving allows you to keep your hair as healthy as possible, unlike the usual chemistry. This is achieved through the use of a special composition;

  • if the hair is difficult to comb and periodically tangles, carving will help eliminate this problem. It will help much more than hair masks;

  • Ease of care – minimum time spent on laying. It will be enough just to run a comb through the hair, and a stylish hairstyle is ready;

  • carving for medium length hair is one of the best solutions. The advantage compared to short and elongated strands is that this length is reasonably recognized as optimal. On it, the effect persists for a long time and looks as organic as possible;

  • carving lasts a very long time, so you can not worry about updating hairstyles for a long time.

Varieties of carving

A fashionable technique can be applied in different variations, this is evidenced by photos showing types of carving for medium hair. Among them are the following.

  • Small curls for medium hair. This design option is ideal for owners of thin hair who want to have visual volume and splendor. A fine curl will in every possible way contribute to the fact that strands that are rare by nature will look like extremely thick ones. Small curlers will help to give the desired effect.

[stextbox id=info]Important! When creating small curls, you need to take into account that even roots will grow after some time, so a certain imbalance may appear in the image. Therefore, although carving lasts as long as possible, in case of creating small curls, the procedure will have to be repeated soon.[/stextbox]

  • Large carving for medium hair. This option is suitable for thicker hair, on which you can create attractive light waves. Large curls will look harmoniously on any hairstyle. The undoubted advantage is that in this case it will not be necessary to update the hairstyle so often compared to small curls.

  • Classic carving for medium hair. In this case, the same uniform curl is created along the entire length of the strands; for this, curlers of the same size are used. This is the most common way to style a similar hairstyle.

  • Vertical carving for medium hair. For this option, spiral curlers are used. This technique will look especially harmonious on stepped types of haircuts, such as a cascade or ladder. On hairstyles with an even cut, it is recommended to refrain from this technique.

Carving is a more gentle procedure

  • Local carving for medium hair. In this case, only a certain area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe strands is exposed, for example, they are processed at the roots to give more volume in this zone, or vice versa, at the tips. The advantage of this type of carving is that the chemical effect is not on all the hair, but only on a certain part of it.

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Carving and types of hairstyles

A fashionable technique can be applied to a variety of haircuts that can be created on medium length hair. Among the most common options are the following:

  • Kare or bob for medium hair. On such hairstyles, carving looks as harmonious as possible, given the uniform length over the entire surface. Curls can be both small and large, but in the first case, it is worth considering that the hairstyle will “jump” a lot and its length will decrease significantly.

  • Ladder or cascade for medium hair. On such hairstyles, it is recommended to use large carving, since they are characterized by uneven length, therefore, in the case of creating small curls, some imbalance in the image may occur.

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  • Hairstyles with bangs. Such haircuts require special attention. To prevent bangs from “jumping”, a large perm can be used on it, giving the effect of light waves. Another option would be not to touch the bangs at all, and leave it straight.

Hair care after carving

To keep your hair as healthy as possible, it is important to know about the features of caring for them after the carving procedure. The main points are as follows:

  • it is necessary to refrain from staining for at least two months;

  • the use of a hair straightener is taboo;

  • it is necessary to ensure regular use of conditioner and hair masks;

Beautiful styling

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  • if there is a need for alignment, then lamination will be the best way to do this.

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Our review presents before and after photos that will help you get an idea of ​​​​what effect carving will give on medium hair. We hope that this will help you make the right choice and create a stylish and unsurpassed hairstyle.


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