Cascade with oblique bangs

Cascade with oblique bangs is the best combination of style, practicality and convenience. This haircut has so many benefits that it’s really hard to resist. We will tell you about them and much more in this article. But be prepared for the fact that after her girls easily decide on stylish changes in the form of a cascading haircut!



  • The versatility of the cascade is on top. It will not only suit any face shape, length and type of hair, but also successfully hide various imperfections.

  • The legendary advantage of the cascade is the ability to add volume. Thin hair with this design is noticeably transformed and seems much thicker.
  • Many styling options will delight fashionistas who love to experiment with their image.

  • Ease of care is a definite plus, which can only be appreciated with urgent morning preparations.
  • Cascade with oblique bangs looks stylish and well-groomed, and also corresponds to the fashion trends of the 2019 season.

  • It is difficult to overestimate the ability of oblique bangs to adjust the features and shape of the face.
  • Bangs on one side in combination with different steps of hair beautifully frames the face, and also makes the image feminine, romantic and stylish.

  • A cascade in a duet with oblique bangs is considered the perfect haircut for a square or round face.
  • Such bangs are a real professional in masking mimic wrinkles.
  • Best of all, this hair design option looks exactly on a straight or slightly wavy hair.

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Current types of haircuts

Conventionally, a cascade with oblique bangs can be divided into 2 types: smooth or more expressive. The last option with pronounced steps masterfully creates volume even without styling. A smooth transition is a great idea for fans of the classic conservative style.

The modern trend is an asymmetrical cascade with oblique bangs. This interesting hairdressing trick involves the difference in the length of the strands between the right and left sides. With this extraordinary approach, you can create a combination of 2 haircuts at once. For example, on the one hand, you can arrange a fashionable haircut cascade, and on the other, an elongated caret.

Such a different oblique bangs

In the 2019 season, the most popular types of oblique bangs promise to be complex multi-layered, torn, milled, long or shortened.

For a rectangular or trapezoidal face, you can pick up any oblique bangs. There are no strict prohibitions for round outlines – in any of its manifestations, it will narrow the face and adjust the proportions.

Beautiful styling for medium hair

With a triangular shape of the face, you should not choose a thinning, it is better to prefer an even cut with a start from the crown. Girls with an oval face can safely choose a light oblique bangs with torn ends, but a long version on one side will not work. With a square face shape, stylists advise choosing a multi-layer bang to the middle of the cheekbones.

The short version of the oblique bangs makes the image bold and daring, while the elongated version, on the contrary, softens and brings femininity and romance to it. A long bang has another trump card – if desired, it is easily pinned up and opens the forehead, and as it grows, it fits wonderfully into the cascade.

Cascading technique for short hair

It is generally accepted that a haircut cascade is the prerogative of only medium and long hair. While it is applicable for short lengths as well. The principle of execution remains unchanged – the hair is cut in several levels and at the same time the upper steps smoothly fall to the lower ones. This technique will be a real find for those whose hair lacks volume and lightness.

Short hair in combination with a cascade can have a very different design. We’ve highlighted the most popular options!

  • A cascade with a shortened crown adds zest to the image due to the unusual shape of the cap. This option is perfect for those girls who have a beveled back of the head.

  • With a short length and cascading technique, a profiled oblique bang looks great – it will be in harmony with the differences in length in the haircut. A tattered bang on the side would also be a great idea and create a light playful look.

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Interesting! There is a universal rule that never fails when choosing a bang for a haircut. If the main hair is cut very short, then the hairdresser usually complements it with long bangs to the chin. Short oblique bangs will be appropriate only if the cascade technique appears only at the ends of the strands.


  • A cascade with short ends will add charm and charm to girls with a triangle or rhombus face shape. This technique usually cuts more than two levels and visually expands the narrow features of the face.

Any kind of short cascade hides a couple of nuances that you need to be prepared for. Firstly, the combination of special technique and hair length requires frequent visits to the salon – usually a monthly visit is enough to maintain a perfect haircut. Secondly, the layering and the difference in length focus on the tips. Therefore, split ends and brittle strands will be unacceptable.

Medium length options

Our photo selection shows how different a cascade with oblique bangs on medium hair can be. With the help of various options for this haircut, you can create an emphasis on certain parts of the face – eyes, cheekbones or nose.

The ragged cascade in the company with oblique bangs is gaining rapid popularity – the choice of bold and freedom-loving fashionistas. With such a haircut, you can look bold if you emphasize the torn ends with styling. If you do not create an emphasis on them, you will get a cute and romantic image.

An unforgettable bow can be created using a graduated cascade, which is especially good on medium or long hair. With such a haircut, the shortest strands are cut off at the crown, and then a smooth transition of length with steps is created. This option will be a real salvation for fine hair.

A novelty for medium length is a double cascade. Such a haircut implies a stylish combo of a bob and a longer hairstyle.

Lovely long hair

A cascade with oblique bangs for long hair looks as expressive and spectacular as possible due to several cascading layers. Fashion trends also suggest that this haircut is the undisputed hit of the 2019 season.

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Often the choice in favor of a cascade with bangs is made by beauties who do not want to say goodbye to hair length, but at the same time want to add variety to their image. With cascading technique and oblique bangs, it will become more elegant and light. Moreover, such a haircut emphasizes the luxurious length, density and beauty of the hair.

Modern haircut

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In a long version, a torn cascade is incredibly convenient. It allows you to look neat and tidy without any extra effort. You will be surprised, but for this you just need to wash your hair and comb your hair!


An elongated cascade allows you to create a softer and more romantic look. Him…

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