Castor oil for beauty hair and eyelashes

Few women and girls in the modern world can wear thick hair and voluminous eyelashes, especially those who live in megacities and other cities with poor environmental conditions. And now most of them are. Although, a few young ladies from the villages, who grew up on their natural products, can walk and shine with their lush hair and eyelashes.

Since ancient times, a thick and long braid has been considered the standard of female beauty, sophistication. Knowing this, young girls took great care of their hair, using many methods and folk remedies.

How can a modern lady achieve long eyelashes and thick hair? After all, girls still want to show off their eyelashes and hair. The answer is simple: using castor oil. CASTOR OIL, which is obtained from castor beans, contains a large amount of glycerides of ricinoleic acid, which determines its exceptionally beneficial properties. Africa is considered the birthplace of this amazing oil. Castor oil is sold in almost every pharmacy and is inexpensive (from 17 rubles).

Only positive reviews are known about castor oil. For example – the oil does not thicken, it is perfectly absorbed and moisturizes, it is not diluted with water. Highly effective castor oil for hair eliminates their dryness and brittleness, thanks to the fatty acids it contains. Castor oil gives hair elasticity, glues their scales and thereby prevents the appearance of split ends. Definitely oil allows you to solve the problem of dandruff, strengthening the hair follicle.

Purpose of castor oil for hair

Castor oil helps to solve many hair problems:

  1. for hair growth;
  2. for hair density;
  3. to strengthen hair;
  4. from hair loss;
  5. from dandruff;
  6. against dry hair;
  7. from split ends of hair;
  8. against excessively oily hair, tk. castor oil restores the functioning of the sebaceous glands;
  9. for shine and silkiness of hair;
  10. for colored hair.

Uses of castor oil for hair

  1. To stimulate hair growth, a mixture of hot pepper and castor oil will help.
  2. For hair density, you will need to make a mask of one tsp. castor oil + ten gr. yeast + one teaspoon of aloe juice + one piece of black bread crumb.
  3. To strengthen the hair, it is enough to rub the oil into the hair 3 times a week, then evenly distributing the oil over the entire head. Hold for about an hour and wash off with shampoo.
  4. From hair loss mix one tsp. castor oil + one egg yolk + lemon juice. Apply the resulting mixture to washed hair, let the oil soak in for about an hour and rinse with shampoo.
  5. From dandruff, a mixture of two tablespoons of castor oil and two tablespoons will help. l. tincture of calendula. Keep for half an hour.
  6. Against dry hair, a mask will help, which includes castor oil, glycerin, egg yolk and apple cider vinegar. Heat castor oil – two tablespoons, add one spoon of glycerin and vinegar and one egg yolk. Under the wrapped head, the mask should be kept for 40 minutes, then it is washed off with shampoo.
  7. From split ends of hair, a mask of castor oil, which is mixed with other oils: olive and coconut, helps. The oils are mixed in equal parts, then everything is rubbed into the head and distributed along the entire length. Wash off with shampoo after half an hour.
  8. Against oily hair, use an alcohol tincture of calendula, which is sold in a pharmacy. Mix it with castor oil in the proportion of 1 part castor oil and ten parts alcohol tincture of calendula.
  9. For shine and silkiness of hair, mix one tsp. castor oil and warmed kefir. Apply everything to your hair. Wear a warm scarf over your head. After half an hour, you can wash your hair.
  10. For colored hair you will need: vinegar or lemon juice, shampoo, a plastic cap and castor oil. Warm up the last one. Then you should lubricate the hair. Wear a hat. Wash off with shampoo after 25 minutes. Rinse with vinegar or lemon juice. You can not perform this procedure every day, only once a week.

Castor oil for eyelashes

Eyelashes should also be lubricated with castor oil. After all, it is a very good tool for eyelashes, superior to more expensive cosmetics for their care. Therefore, it is considered the best eyelash care product.

Using castor oil for eyelashes

It is necessary to take a brush from the carcass and apply oil to it before going to bed, after washing it well, but it is also possible to do this with a cotton swab. It is possible that when you wake up in the morning you may see bruising under the eyes or the effect of puffy eyes. Don’t worry, this will all pass, you just need to wash your face with cold water and soap.

The result will not appear from the very beginning, but if you repeat this procedure every day, then you will definitely notice it. To begin with, the eyelashes will become darker, after which they will grow rapidly, become thick and stop falling out. Many cosmetologists recommend this procedure after removing “cosmetic” eyelashes – when there is almost nothing left of their own.

Disadvantages of castor oil

It has to be washed off several times with shampoo, since one application of shampoo is not enough to completely clean the hair. Some young ladies do not like the smell of this oil.

The oil should be used with caution when applied to the eyelashes so that the oil does not get into the eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with cold water.

Here is a brief excursion into the healing world of using castor oil for eyelashes and hair. I think you will find time to devote it to yourself. After all, thick, healthy, well-groomed hair gives your image attractiveness, fills you with confidence and femininity.

And, although today many beauty salons, hairdressers use new products for hair care and treatment, however, castor oil does not lose its popularity, it still remains highly significant for many women, so castor oil should be in every woman’s first aid kit.

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