Castor oil for eyelashes

Everyone has long known that various oils have many beneficial properties and qualities for skin and hair care. Castor oil is no exception, the benefits of its use have been known since ancient times.

Castor oil consists of various acids, thanks to which the use of the oil is so popular in medicine and cosmetology. Using castor oil for eyelash care gives a truly impressive effect!

Many girls dream of having long and lush eyelashes that give a bewitching and irresistible look. However, the daily application of mascara to the eyelashes makes them brittle and dull. Castor oil improves the structure of the cilia, makes them longer and more lush, helps to get rid of the loss of eyelashes.

Today, there are many eyelash care products and preparations, but many of them contain castor oil in one dose or another. However, it is worth noting that castor oil is available for purchase at any pharmacy for a small amount, while many manufacturers set a fairly high price for their products. Therefore, the use of castor oil does not require large investments of money.

Castor oil is easy and simple to use at home. Of course, before starting treatment, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the cilia and the skin around the eyes from makeup. To date, you can find castor oil on sale in a special bottle, which contains a brush or brush, for convenient use. However, do not be upset if you purchased the oil in a regular bottle. Of course, it is not recommended to apply oil to the eyelashes with your fingers, but you can use, for example, a brush from under an old carcass, after washing it well in warm water.

It is best to use castor oil in the morning and evening for 1-2 hours, and then rinse your eyes with warm water to remove any remaining oil. If a certain oiliness remains on the face, then it can be easily removed with any washing gel. The oil must be applied in the same way as when applying mascara to the eyelashes.

Castor oil is completely harmless, however, in order not to feel any discomfort, it is best not to overdo it with the amount of oil that you apply. There is no need to use castor oil every day. To achieve beautiful and healthy eyelashes, it will be sufficient to use this procedure two or three times a week.

Adding other ingredients to castor oil, such as vitamin A or olive oil, will undoubtedly only have a positive effect on eyelashes.

If the use of oil causes a slight allergic reaction, then it is possible to apply castor oil only to the tips of the cilia, and in no case should you go to bed without first washing off the remaining oil.

Thus, after several weeks of eyelash care with castor oil, you can notice significant improvements, the cilia will become stronger and thicker, and the eyes will be more expressive and beautiful.

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