Casual Fashion – Fall 2020

Finally, famous designers have realized that everyday fashion for autumn 2020 matters for modern women. At world fashion shows, interesting collections were presented that will allow you to stay stylish during the day at work, at a friendly and romantic meeting, while walking around the city.


Autumn trends

First of all, an important point when creating an autumn everyday bow is layering. It is on her that many fashion houses rely. The combination of seemingly incongruous wardrobe items allows you to create a unique image, to show your zest. So experiment with the wardrobe items below and stay in style.

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Cardigans and jackets

If you do not know what autumn item to buy for every day, then feel free to go for an elongated cardigan or knitted jacket. These are must-haves in your fall wardrobe. And they harmoniously complement the autumn capsule wardrobe. A cardigan or jacket goes well with classic and casual trousers, jeans, with a business and romantic look. It can even be harmoniously included in the sporty Street style.

A cardigan is a kind of outerwear that does not weigh down, gives an image of comfort and lightness, and at the same time retains heat well.

It is allowed to wear a cardigan with pumps, with high boots, ankle boots, sneakers. Tips from the pros: choose a chunky knit jacket or cardigan. If you are short, give preference to mid-thigh length models. Remember that shorter options will visually cut an already short vertical. Girls with height above average are allowed to wear models below the knee or shortened versions.

Variety of skirts

Autumn is the most romantic time of the year. That is why a woman’s wardrobe should not be complete without a skirt. Fashionable women’s casual clothing is a variety of styles, lengths and textures. You can emphasize your femininity with a midi-length skirt and a wraparound skirt. Well, if it is decorated with a bow. This model is allowed to be combined with a cardigan, jacket, cropped jacket. Under a midi skirt, you can put on boots with a wide top, boots with rough soles or ankle boots.

If you want something shorter, give preference to Ultra mini. This length is the peak in the current fashion season. But remember, ultra mini is allowed to be worn only with a perfect figure and slender legs. Under this length, you can put on completely different shoes – from sneakers to over the knee boots.

Interesting casual skirts are also a trapezoid shape, decorated with buttons and patch pockets. If you want more lightness, choose models of skirts in the shape of a sun-flared or semi-sun. By the way, these skirts are also suitable for women over 50.


A must have in your autumn capsule wardrobe. The most common are boyfriend jeans, moms, banana pants and riding breeches. Flared palazzo-style models and classic checkered trousers are also in trend.

Interesting are the images in which the trousers are tucked into shoes. It is desirable that these boots are high enough and with a wide top. Complete your casual autumn look with a cropped fitted jacket or a stylish down jacket.

By the way, under any trousers, including jeans, in the fall you can wear a shirt, a sweater, and put on an oversized coat or trench on top.


Do not forget about femininity, using casual dresses in stylish images. This season we rely on knitwear and coarse knitting. Length varies from midi to maxi. Girls and women who have a chiseled figure are allowed to wear cropped models with short massive boots or high boots.

It is very easy to create a trendy casual look for autumn 2020 with a dress: complement it with a silk scarf, an oversized coat and an interesting beret.

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The main casual fashion trends for autumn 2020 extend to outerwear. First of all, pay attention to down jackets. And not on those models that are already rather fed up with their simplicity and volume, but on more festive options. On the catwalks of the world, interesting floor-length models imitating an evening dress flashed with might and main. You read that right: they are also suitable for everyday fashion. It is only important to complement them with a stylish hat and scarf, a voluminous bag and comfortable boots with massive soles.

If you do not want to give preference to interesting down jackets, turn your attention to trench. It is desirable that he was with a cape. Such know-how is in trend today. An interesting raincoat will beautifully complement the classic, romantic and street style. It is only important to choose the right shoes for him. With dresses and skirts, it is better to wear boots and pumps, but under trousers, you can put on oxford shoes.

The coat still remains in demand in everyday autumn fashion. This season, two options are relevant – an oversized coat and a fitted model with a maxi length under the belt. Which one to choose is up to you. But be sure to focus on your original height and general style of clothing. For romantic girls, wrap coat models are suitable. For those who are used to being more free in their movements, you can choose knee-length oversized models. By the way, such principles of everyday fashion for autumn 2020 are also suitable for overweight women.

Attention to shoes

For everyday wear, the following shoe options will be relevant in the fall:

  • heavy boots, decorated with the maximum amount of metallized fittings;

  • moderately high boots with a wide top on a column heel;

  • over the knee boots made of bright materials;

  • sneakers, oxford shoes, pumps that can be worn on warmer autumn days.


Don’t forget to complete your casual autumn look with the right accessories. And this is not about jewelry and jewelry. Complete the bow with a hat, gloves, scarf and bag. Long gloves are in trend today. They can be made of leather, knitwear, velvet and velor. Long gloves are allowed to be worn with short sleeveless fur vests, with jackets with 3/4 sleeves, worn with a turtleneck sweater with short sleeves.

Interesting high gloves are allowed to be worn under jeans, dress pants, dresses and skirts. In general, experiment with this accessory and achieve an amazing effect.

As for hats, romantic berets, knitted hats, caps with a wide visor will be in fashion.

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Fashion shades

If you can’t choose a trendy color for fall 2020, then first of all focus on your color type. Winter and Summer girls are advised to choose colder shades from the color range. Spring and Autumn are allowed to wear warmer shades.

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