Casual fashion for summer 2020

What novelties and trends have the summer 2020 casual fashion prepared for you? Now we’ll tell you everything!


Bright colours

The most fashionable color of summer 2020 belongs to the light palette, which remarkably rejuvenates the appearance. In the hot season, it is so nice to enjoy the light colors of things made from natural textures. But this does not mean at all that it is worth forgetting about juicy bright colors – there were also plenty of them in fashion collections.

You can spend unforgettable summer days in clothes of yellow, azure, orange, red or neon colors. If for some reason a good mood is late for the onset of the summer season, then such cheerful colors will surely correct the situation.

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Loose shorts

We did a summer season fashion trends inspection and found that in everyday fashion, loose-fitting shorts are leading in popularity. It can be classic models with an oversized fit, variations in the style of a safari or a triumphant return to fashion Bermuda.

[stextbox id=’info’]Fashion hack! If loose jeans with frayed knees or other flaws at the bottom sadly disappear in your wardrobe, you can turn them into Bermuda shorts with a deft movement of scissors. You don’t have to worry about the raw edge – it will be a stylish feature of an impromptu novelty.[/stextbox]

Floral print

They say that if you meet the summer in romantic clothes with a floral print, then this promises a carefree and joyful mood! This sign has been tested in practice by many fashionistas, and this time you can join them. The main thing is to decide on the correct type of drawing. There are no strict restrictions for slender girls, and for fashionistas with plus-size parameters, a pattern on a dark basis from non-contrasting medium-sized plants is recommended.

polka dots

Another print perfect for summer 2020 casual fashion is the adorable polka dot. It gives any everyday look a touch of romance, charm and femininity. In addition, such a drawing has no age restrictions, which means it can decorate any girl.

Skirt with T-shirt

The fashion of the 2020 season presented stylish skirts in a wide variety. Denim denim models, variations with fashionable prints, wraparound cut, straight cut with slits, skirts with flounces and frills, as well as silk novelties were the leaders in popularity. To customize all of these models in a casual way, stylists recommend combining them with laconic T-shirts and sports shoes. Such a formula will combine practicality and femininity in one image.


A jumpsuit as a summer outfit is beautiful not only because it slims and is a self-sufficient bow that eliminates the torment of choosing the right top and bottom. It is also in line with key fashion trends that perfectly support everyday fashion criteria. Your favorites for this summer could be the safari-inspired romper, the elegant English-style collar with belt, the high-rise culotte variation, and the new denim. The main feature of the jumpsuit is that it can be combined with any comfortable shoes for every day and add accessories according to your mood.

In the summer wardrobe, not only short, but also long overalls can settle. He will help out in any cold weather.

loose shirt

A casual fashion capsule for the summer might include a loose shirt. Her stylistic potential is almost limitless! The most obvious option is to use the shirt for its intended purpose with any oversized top. In this case, you can tie the product in a knot, fill it incompletely or open the shoulders. A more interesting experiment will turn out if you use a shirt in multi-layered compositions, for example, include it in a combination with a T-shirt, top or dress.

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White T-shirt

Having a white T-shirt in your summer arsenal, you will surely forget about the problem code-named “I have nothing to wear.” This top can be combined with literally any bottom – jeans, trousers, skirts and shorts. Buying such a basic item is especially relevant if your wardrobe contains items with a complex cut or print, for which it is quite difficult to find a good pair. A quality white T-shirt will always help out in such situations.

Accent sleeves

It’s easy to add spice and charm to your everyday bow with the help of accent sleeves. It doesn’t matter what you prefer – elegant lanterns or extraordinary puffs – the most accurate hit on trends will be ensured in any case.

Wide pants

A fashionable casual look for the summer of 2020 will be welcomed by wide palazzo trousers made of light texture. If you have enough solid and neutral tops in your wardrobe, you can shake this company up with printed trousers. So, now at the peak of popularity flirtatious peas, delicate flowers and strict stripes.


Knitwear appeared in many collections of the summer season 2020. There is some charm and charm in them, which is probably why they gained their popularity so quickly. Of course, such novelties are the easiest to fit into the boho style, but you can experiment with a combination with quite basic things. For example, a knitted top has more versatility than it might seem at first glance.


What could be more practical and comfortable than denim clothes? Summer can be very unpredictable in terms of weather, so stylish jeans will definitely come in handy. A trendy investment in 2020 is also a denim bustier top. Of course, the denim jacket does not give up its positions, the ideas of images from which can be listed endlessly. Fashion 2020 allows you to use several denim items at once within one look, making up stylish total looks.


If you want to add romance and femininity to your everyday looks, take on the relevance of frills. This trendy decor looks very elegant and at the same time does not deprive things of comfort. According to current fashion trends, you can choose a skirt, top, dress, jumpsuit and even trousers with ruffles. Flirty ruffles are often actively used in the design of summer accessories.


Casual fashion for young girls and women over 50 for the summer of 2020 may include various incarnations of the oversized trend. Loose and unrestricting styles are distinguished by excellent comfort and practicality – and this is one of the leading criteria for summer clothing. This trend also has no equal in masking flaws. The main thing here is to feel the measure subtly – too baggy hoodies will only create the impression of a fuller figure.


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