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Casual fashion for women for summer 2019: trends and trends

Capricious and changeable trends in style and fashion from year to year excite the imagination of designers and stylists. Fashionistas follow the recommendations, implementing bold ideas and seductive bows. Fashion for the summer of 2018 for women and girls of all ages shimmers with bright colors and completely new techniques for cutting and decorating models. Casual clothes become more practical, comfortable and stylish. Current trends and trends can be identified today, based on the latest fashion shows in the video, which can be found at the bottom of this page.

What the fashion industry has prepared for the summer of 2019 – let’s try to understand this material. In the meantime, we offer you to look at the photo of new items from the world of summer fashion for women:

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Trends and fashion trends for summer 2018 (with photo)

In any modern image, there is a “core” – the chosen style, and its “entourage”, which are strung in the bow like rings in a pyramid. Fashion trends for the summer of 2018 succinctly continue the trends of minimalism, democracy and comfort laid down in the winter collections. Refusal of the fishing line and gloss for show and a change in the concept of everyday style is present in all, without exception, new collections of leading designers and couturiers.

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Bright tinsel, brilliant decor, ruffles, rhinestones, feathers – everything remains on the shelves deep in the cabinets. A discreet and stylish look with a minimum number of elements will help any girl look modern and relevant. It is worth giving preference to simple cut lines without any frills and natural fabrics. Look at the fashion trends for summer 2018 in a photo showing a variety of trends in clothing and bows:

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Additional details will help diversify a boring at first glance image. It is worth looking at the new collections of women’s clothing and finding hundreds of bright and extraordinary ideas there. For example, lace and guipure inserts, embroidered details and false inlaid collars are appropriate. Ruffles on the shoulders, and on the bottom of the skirt also have a place to be. Especially when it comes to summer sundresses, dresses and blouses.

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Contrasting details of the correct geometric shape are another trend. Overhead details in the form of textured leaves and fabric flowers are also in fashion. Silk accessories are more appropriate in business bows. And for everyday life, you can recommend cropped trousers and long sundresses, bright tunics with African motifs and tight-fitting leggings.

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Stylish bows and images for the summer: trousers and shorts, tops and T-shirts

Choosing wardrobe items for the summer of 2019 is quite simple, given the trends described above. Stylish bows for everyday life can be created on the basis of trousers and simple tops. Beautiful bows for young girls are shorts and T-shirts or tops with a cropped bottom.

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When choosing trousers for the summer, you can pay attention to the current 7/8 length, which perfectly demonstrates the beauty of the female ankle. You can emphasize the grace of the legs with the help of stylish stiletto sandals with straps. Moccasins, ballet flats and pumps will also be appropriate. Allowed styles of trousers: capris and bermudas, wide palazzos and cropped bananas.

Bloomers in demand last season should be temporarily put aside. Landing should be high, low waistline is not relevant. The color palette is white and all shades of beige, steel gray, bright green, blue and purple. In a business bow, trousers in a rich wine color may be appropriate.

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Tops this season have become truly minimalist and frank. These are crop tops with a high cut line. T-shirts with an asymmetrical cut and bare shoulders. They can be decorated with ruffles along the shoulder line, embroidery and geometric prints in a contrasting color. The current palette is pastel, green, gray with pink, white and black. For older women, tops with a peplum and a high waistline are becoming popular. They perfectly hide possible figure flaws and create freedom of movement. Knitted models will not stand aside either, openwork knitting will be especially popular.

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Casual style and fashion for summer 2018 (with photo images)

At the heart of the basic wardrobe of a modern woman, there are necessarily dresses and blouses, skirts and warm clothes for cool weather. Casual style can be simple and concise, business formal or romantic. Currently, the fashion for the summer of 2018 dictates its own rules in all these areas. For now, look at the photo of images for everyday style, and then we will analyze all the elements of the wardrobe in order:

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It’s worth starting with the most important thing for any girl. These are dresses and sundresses. Airiness is combined with a floor length – this applies to sundresses and dresses in a romantic style. Fabrics for such models are natural silk, cambric, staple, cotton and linen. Colors for everyday life and relaxation – pastel and all shades of lilac. Prints – flowers, vegetation, birds, polka dots, geometric shapes.

But in a business image, the dress should be a strict dark shade without typical warm tones. These are white, nude, gray asphalt, black, brown, blue, green. Prints in this case are not appropriate. But the models can be decorated with contrasting collars and lapels, satin ribbon trim and many other types of decor. The most popular office style is a case or bandeau. And for a walk, a model cut off at the waist with a sun skirt is suitable.

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Forgotten chintz returns to fashion in the summer of 2019. He with bright floral coloring can be used in shirts and sundresses, pareos and even shorts. Another trend is denim dresses and sundresses, decorated with embroidery and lace. More formal batiks and safari-inspired dresses can come in handy when planning your wardrobe for the office. For knitted models, the features of a sports direction are characteristic. They have a hint of golf, polo. These are T-shirts, shirts and cropped dresses.

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Casual style would not be complete without a dress for an evening out. Here, straight, concise cuts are used. When using soft flowing fabrics, decorative drapery, cutting lines, tucks and various folds are used as decor. Young and slender can be recommended to choose an animal print.

The leopard evening dress with a fitted cut is back on the fashion scene. Louis Vuitton and Antonio Marras presented similar outfits in their collections in a wide variety. And Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger paid attention to corset forms, emphasizing the slimness and grace of the figure. Fashion house Prada released styles with an accentuated waistline on the catwalks. For this, peplum, wide belts, overhead decor details are used.

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Street style and current trends

When choosing a bow, you should pay attention to current trends. Street style in the summer of 2019 for girls and women includes minimalism and conciseness of selected forms. Do not include a large number of clothing items in the image. Simple…

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