casual spring wear

Clothing for a woman is a means of communication with the outside world. With the help of a new outfit, a woman can create any image, hide flaws and emphasize dignity.

Perhaps, all women are wondering: “What kind of clothes are relevant next season?” In this article, we will definitely try to answer your question!

If you prefer laconic and neat shoes, then you can choose the same strict accessories – thin neck stoles and belts, the clothes themselves can be saturated colors – blue, green, purple, red, salmon, yellow or turquoise. But try to avoid too bright and open colors in everyday life, let the color scheme be intricate.

Dresses can be knitted, for example, detachable or one-piece at the waist with tucks. Interesting cut lines are relevant – tucks, complex reliefs, slight asymmetry. In no case should a dress be overloaded with decor, let it be as simple as possible, avoid an abundance of complicating elements – the main thing is lost behind the tinsel.

Open the neckline – a neckline always adorns a woman. Let it be longitudinal – a triangle or a gap, because the vertical visually slims and stretches the silhouette!

Depending on the event, for example, for the evening – a flowing silk dress.

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