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Casual street fashion 2019: vivid examples in the photo

Gray everyday life can and should be painted in bright colors. So say the world’s leading designers and stylists. Casual street fashion for women for the summer of 2019 has already shown a real firework of combinations of styles and colors.


The main trends and trends have already been discussed earlier, but now we want to refresh our memory and review the most memorable moments again. Street fashion for autumn and winter 2019 is still preparing to break into cities and towns, but today you can see vivid examples in the photo:

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The new models in the photo are somewhat surprising, but at the same time they inspire confidence in the need to transform their style and wardrobe. Only by maintaining a commitment to new trends and trends, you can always remain stylish and fashionable. Regardless of social status, sorting through the latest collections from fashion shows, you can pick up some absolutely amazing and unusual things in the wardrobe basic capsule.


Tapered trousers and a slip dress in linen style, a long sundress and cropped shorts will perfectly fit into the casual style. Of course, all this is intended for the summer. But autumn-winter promises to be no less bright and juicy with new colors and design solutions.

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The main trends and trends of street fashion in 2019 are big bulky accessories with a minimalist look and vice versa, a frilly look with an abundance of decorative elements and tiny accessories. Elegant strict jeans will coexist with cowboy jackets and boots on a massive platform. And for short shorts, it is recommended to choose tight tights or stockings and a strict business jacket. But let’s talk about everything in order, but for now, look at the next batch of street fashion bows for women in the photo:

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Summer street fashion is beautiful and diverse

Summer street fashion in 2019 is divided into directions and destinations. This is a romantic style for walking with friends, and a stylish casual for everyday life, and a strict business bow in cotton for those who are “lucky” to work in the summer. By the way, we invite you to learn about all the trends in beach fashion – there will be a lot of new things this season. Exquisite beach dresses for every taste will make you feel like a real queen of the beach. But for shorts and bermuda shorts, you can be advised to choose an unusual fashionable beach tunic – in the photo you can see examples of successful bows.

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So, everyday street fashion for the summer of 2019 begins, of course, with a business formal bow. Cotton and linen suits are the soloists here. The “troika” is in fashion, in which there can be both a skirt and trousers. The classic cut of the jacket is complemented by a small peplum style peplum. But trousers must be chosen invariably wide cut. Free along the entire line of the legs, they should perfectly sit strictly on the waist line. No low waistlines are allowed this season. The main colors of summer business suits are white and nude, peach and lilac. It is better to refuse Classic black, replacing it with dark gray, in perfect harmony with a peach or pink shirt.

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A business image in the summer heat does not have to be weighted down with a jacket, blazer or jacket. It is enough to choose a cotton shirt that suits the style. And under a jacket it is more expedient to wear tops and tight T-shirts. The skirt should be straight and strict, the ideal length is to the middle of the knee.

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Casual street fashion in the summer suggests the presence in the wardrobe of a woman of several sets for going shopping or meeting friends. And here the basis is a simple dress with a nondescript small pattern. It is complemented by a plain jacket and flat sandals. The second version of the outfit is shorts or Bermuda shorts with a well-chosen line of tops and cardigans. You can take ballet flats or pumps with a comfortable block to them.

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And, of course, you need to go on a country vacation in something. And here the casual style becomes a favorite – a slight negligence when combining coarse fabrics with the tenderness of a romantic cut. Denim jumpsuits based on shorts and capri pants, combined with lace tops and blouses, come to the fore. Only long sundresses made of flowing fabrics with graduated colors and huge colorful prints can replace them. Try pairing casual with quirky accessories for a 2019 street fashion trend.

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Bright colors and unusual styles are the main trend. Teaming a raspberry formal military dress with black pumps is an on-point pick. And green trousers with a juicy light green tint, complemented by a yellow T-shirt in a large graphic print, are perfect for any city walk. The safari style is manifested in shirts and trousers, sundresses and hats – it emphasizes the natural tan of the skin and gives the impression of a smart figure:[affegg id=11]

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Shoes and accessories in street fashion 2019 (photo)

Shoes are always the logical conclusion of any image. Like accessories, it is selected in strict accordance with the image given by the stylist. In 2019 street fashion, shoes and accessories mean more than usual. For summer, the trend of minimalism and comfort remains. These are sandals made of flat straps, elegant leather ballerinas in the style of Coco Chanel, open-toed shoes and much more. From sports shoes, you should pay attention to airmaxes and sneakers. Look at the photo examples of using shoes in everyday bows:

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Autumn and winter will bring with them new trends. Red and brown shades will return to fashion, slightly pushing burgundy and red boots that were fashionable in the recent past. Wine berry will continue to be relevant in ankle boots and boots, ankle boots and some styles of handbags. Basically, white and black classic boots with a minimum number of decorative elements are preferable. Wide tops are a thing of the past. They are replaced by the grace and elegance of soft skin fitting the entire leg of a woman up to the knee. In some bows, over the knee boots and stocking boots will be appropriate.

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For autumn, ankle boots with a steady heel of medium height can be recommended. They will go well with all styles of outerwear.

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When choosing accessories in 2019 street fashion trends, pay attention to bulky totes and hobos. For a democratic business bow, a “postman” is suitable – there is a place for a tablet and a wallet, a folder with documents and many “female things” in it. For girls who cannot boast of being tall, it is better to choose medium-sized bags with handles without a shoulder strap:

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