Cat eye manicure 2020

In this selection of photos, the most relevant options for cat-eye manicure with design in the 2020 season have been collected. Looking ahead, we note that not only classic ideas are waiting for you, but also interesting novelties!


The fashion trends of the 2020 season and the range of modern stores significantly expand the palette of the most fascinating and spectacular manicure. And now to the details!

  • Burgundy manicure is a classic in the world of nail art, which always looks impeccable and elegant. This color scheme looks equally impressive on both short and long nails.

  • A brighter and more expressive manicure will turn out in red. Fashionistas quite often choose such a background for design for a special occasion and decorate it with spectacular sparkling accents.

  • Blue is the top nail art favorite of 2020 according to the Pantone Institute. You will surely be in awe of how beautiful it looks in a manicure with a cat’s eye design.

  • Together with fashionable blue and blue accents, purple lacquer will look amazing. This is one of the most beautiful and stylish combinations of 2020!

  • One of the leading trends of the 2020 season is a close connection with nature and the pursuit of naturalness. That is why a combination of yellow, mustard, beige, green, brown and beige tones can appear in a trendy manicure.

  • In such a manicure, the actual dark gamma also perfectly manifests itself. For example, an exquisite combination of black and gray will look stylish.

  • A stylish novelty of the 2020 season was a cat-eye manicure in bright colors. Milky, nude and pastel colors also look great with the mesmerizing gradients characteristic of this technique.

  • Exciting emerald polish in the new season is especially relevant to combine with gold accents. With such a twist, the usual color will definitely sparkle in a new way.

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A classic and at the same time a win-win move in the world of nail art is the design of a cat’s eye manicure without additional decor. It is worth recognizing that such a beautiful cover looks very self-sufficient, and therefore reveals itself well in a solo performance. To make such a manicure relevant and fashionable, we first advise you to check with its fashionable palette. Then the fun begins – the creation of characteristic overflows with the help of magnetic varnish, which can be realized even at home.

Contrasting patterns

Among fashionistas, the design of contrasting patterns on the cover of the cat’s eye remains in demand. The fashion of the 2020 season proposes to transform such a design due to the design of a matte top and a glossy pattern – such a play of textures always looks expressive and bewitching!

[stextbox id=’warning’]In order for the final result to please with harmony and relevance, limit yourself to drawings on just a pair of marigolds in the form of accents. Such a technique will follow the main criterion of 2020 – restraint and conciseness.[/stextbox]


If you want to design a cosmic trendy manicure, you can bet on the relevance of contrasting patterns located on a dark background that imitates a deep sky or a galaxy. As a rule, drawings in such a fashionable design are thematic in nature and represent stars, planets, the Milky Way and the moon. Usually they are made in white varnish, which increases the effect of the final result.


Among the most relevant decor of the 2020 season, kamifubuki can be distinguished – charming dots that look beautiful in a manicure for any occasion. The versatility of these fashionable jewelry also conquers – they can easily fit on both short and long nails of any shape. But it should be borne in mind that kamifubuki can simply get lost against the background of magnetic varnish. For such a decor, it is better to highlight a couple of accent plates and arrange them in a contrasting monochromatic coating.

Transparent drops

When creating a beautiful manicure, you can also resort to the magic of the 3-D effect. On a magnetic varnish, this technique can be expressed in transparent drops, which are usually embodied using a special gel polish. In such nail art, the play of textures will also look very harmonious – this means that you can combine glossy and matte varnish and decorate accent nails with a three-dimensional pattern.


Gorgeous manicure with rhinestones will invariably captivate fashionistas with its beauty and brilliance. This year, masters love to use sparkling decor of various shapes and diameters and create accent inlays on highlighted nails from it. A stylish idea will also be the embodiment in a fashionable manicure of rhinestones that resemble precious stones.

In the 2020 season, a cat-eye manicure with a design of rhinestones in dark colors is especially popular. This idea will be the perfect complement to a luxurious look for a special occasion.

From the sparkling decor of various shades, you can also make beautiful drawings that can easily turn into a great manicure accent.

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The fashion trends of the 2020 season are 100% consistent with modern design. This direction usually involves the use of clear geometric compositions or abstract images. It is important to place the drawing on a contrasting monochromatic coating, which will increase the degree of expressiveness and beauty of the final result. At the same time, you can not be limited to one color, but use your nails as a canvas for unforgettable motifs.


Inscriptions can become a fashionable highlight of everyday manicure. In the 2020 season, many masters and fashionistas use ready-made stickers to embody such a design – they look very realistic and greatly simplify the process of creating nail art.


In addition to the inscriptions in decorating the actual manicure, you can use other drawings. So, in the 2020 season, floral, geometric and animalistic motifs are recognized as the most fashionable.


French manicure is a versatile technique that obediently withstands various design experiments. This manicure can be decorated with various stylish trends, and magnetic polish is no exception. This technique can be used both in the design of a smile and in the design of the background. Any option will look beautiful on sharp, square, almond-shaped and oval nails.

The reverse side of the french medal – the moon design – is also able to make friends with the cat’s eye technique. This manicure is also timeless and fashionable. If you beat it with an iridescent coating, it will become more expressive and bright, and will certainly attract the attention of others to your magnificent manicure.


If the effect of self-covering a cat’s eye is not enough for you, you can transform it by adding a light sparkling shimmer. This sophisticated accent can be seen as a final sheer glitter finish. In general, such a top is a real magic wand in the arsenal …

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