Cat eye manicure in light colors

cat eye manicureperformed in bright colorslooks very stylish and interesting. And so that you can also be convinced of this, in the article we presented examples of the design of such nail art.


Design Features

In addition to an attractive appearance, a cat eye manicure has other advantages.

  • The magnetic decorative coating used to create this design is highly durable. Therefore, you may need to update your manicure only when the nail plate grows back.
  • A cat-eye manicure, decorated in bright colors, looks perfect like on shortas well as for long nails. What can not be said about the same nail art, only made in dark shades.
  • Harmoniously fits into various images, including evening ones.
  • Light shades are very versatile as they are beautifully fit together with other palettes.

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Unfortunately, this nail art has a number of disadvantages.

  • Requires mandatory drying in UV or LED lamps.
  • Magnetic gel polish has a rather liquid consistency. So be prepared for the fact that the process of applying this coating will be very laborious and lengthy.
  • Unlike conventional gel polishes, the cat’s eye finish cannot be corrected after curing in a lamp.
  • Magnetic Coating is not recommended for use on excessively thin or crooked sawn inserts. Because they won’t last long.

[tds_warning]Interesting! Cat eye manicure does not tolerate hot water. For this reason, nail art masters recommend not to wet your hands in it for the first few days after applying the magnetic coating.[/tds_warning]

How to do it yourself?

Despite the complexity of the work, to create manicure cat’s eye aged gentle light palettes, anyone can. To do this, you just need to follow the algorithm of actions below.

  • Make a quality cleaning and give your nails the desired shape.
  • Degrease the plate, and then apply a primer. Dry it in a lamp if necessary.
  • Apply a transparent base and dry it.
  • Paint each nail with a colored base. For this, gel polish of white, beige or light blue color is the best fit. Cure the layers in a lamp.
  • Apply a single layer of magnetic coating and attach the magnet itself to the surface of the plate to form a pattern. Dry your nails again.
  • Apply the top coat and dry your nails well in the lamp again. Do not forget to remove the sticky layer and moisturize the cuticles with oil.

[tds_note]Important! To make nail art neat, you should paint your nails one by one, and not all at once. Thus, magnetic particles will not spread over the surface and the finished manicure will come out complete.[/tds_note]

Examples for inspiration

The following design ideas will help you create a catchy and memorable cat eye manicure in bright colors.

  • With stripes. Did you know that you can improve the design of a cat’s eye with the help of simple stripes? You can draw them yourself or use ready-made stickers. It is only necessary to choose the direction of the lines correctly so that they do not contrast with the coating.

  • With foil. A cat’s eye manicure decorated with foil prints will look expensive and exquisite. However, in this case it is extremely important not to overdo it. Therefore, it is worth highlighting with such decor no more than one finger.

  • With rhinestones. Fans of more complex designs can use multi-colored rhinestones. It is desirable to decorate one or two fingers with them. But no more. Otherwise, feel free to experiment. Stones can be laid out in the form of a chaotic placer, intricate ornaments, or even simple patterns. They can also decorate the borders of the nail, the lunula zone or the French smile.

  • Matte. Textured velvet coating is now commonly used in all designs. And the cat’s eye was no exception. In this manicure, you can cover several fingers or even the entire hand with a matte finish.

  • With different underlays. You can also select one or more fingers using the backing. To do this, you just need to apply gel polish of a different color to the selected plates. You can combineboth colors that are similar to each other, and completely contrasting. But the upper magnetic layer in this case should be the same.

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  • French. On long nails A cat-eye manicure with a jacket will look the best. You can decorate one or more fingers in this technique, while the rest will be covered with a magnetic gel polish. You can also draw a smile on a ready-made coating with a magnetic pattern.

  • With inscriptions. Do not lose their relevance and various inscriptions on the nails. Their subject matter can be anything, from declarations of love to the names of famous brands or invocative slogans. You can decorate with inscriptions not only one, but several fingers at once.

  • animalistic. Cat eye manicure in light shades will look stylish with designimitating the surface of the skin of reptiles. To do this, you will not be limited to one artistic painting. To make nail art textured, you will also have to master the drip technique.

  • With sequins. Shimmering glitter gel polishes will help you emphasize the unusualness of a cat’s eye manicure. With them, you can simply place accents on a ready-made magnetic coating or decorate the entire nail completely. Also, with colored glitter, you can highlight the smile zone, lunula, or even outline the plate, thereby making a frame.

  • Lunar. Manicure with transparent holes is not only elegant, but also durable. Because on it not visible when growing plate. As for the design itself, you can create nail art in a minimalist style. It is also acceptable to use rhinestones or kamifubuk, which can be laid out right on the border of the lunula.

  • Mosaic. Simple in execution, but at the same time very effective design. Its highlight lies in the foil, cut into small pieces. This decor can be applied to any surface, including those with a magnetic coating. You can lay out the foil in a chaotic manner. But most effectively it will look in the form of intricate patterns.

  • With artistic painting. cat eye manicureaged in light colorswill also harmonize and with drawings. The most popular option for today are floral art, made in the technique of thin lines. The coloring of such drawings must be necessarily dark. Multi-colored arts, which should be located on one finger, will also be appropriate.

  • “Wet”. A rather unusual technique for applying cat’s eye gel polish. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the color base is applied not in one layer, but in two. In this case, the second does not immediately polymerize. A drop of magnetic coating is placed on it, and then a magnet is applied to form a glare.


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