Cavitation: a new word in the science of weight loss

Excess weight upsets the female half of humanity and forces them to look for ways to improve their figure. At the same time, we want the kilograms to go away quickly, painlessly, without undue effort and further return. Scientific and technological progress offers a solution that can make such a dream come true.

Ultrasonic cavitation is currently the most progressive way to get rid of body fat. This innovative, machine-assisted procedure is seen as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction – just as effective, but completely painless. A session lasting 30-40 minutes is rather pleasant – a person feels warm and relaxed.

Significant advantages of the hardware method over the surgical procedure also include significantly lower cost and the absence of a recovery period. In addition to removing fat deposits (from 3 to 5 cm disappear per session), cavitation helps to eliminate cellulite. Tissue drainage and activation of blood supply lead to the restoration of collagen and elastin fibers. The skin is renewed, smoothed, elasticity increases and color improves.

This revolutionary method is based on the destruction of fat cells by exposing them to low-frequency ultrasonic waves.

With fluctuations from 30 to 41 kilohertz penetrating deeply into tissues and a pressure of 0.6 kilopascals, the formation of numerous tiny bubbles begins in a liquid medium. These cavities (caverns) are able to move, change their size and collapse with the release of a large amount of energy. Under internal pressure, the membranes of fat cells are damaged, their permeability increases, and a significant part (up to 90%) of the decay products is released. The remaining 10% is converted to glucose. Due to the high degree of elasticity, the tissues and cells of the epidermis remain unharmed.

A session of hardware cavitation begins with the application of a lipolytic gel to problem areas, designed to comfortably glide the working nozzle over the skin, and also promote the breakdown of fat cells. The program is selected individually depending on the thickness of the fat layer and the area of ​​the treated surface. Then the specialist proceeds to influence the body with a working maniple.

It is recommended to take a course without surgical liposuction, consisting of 3-6 sessions, with an interval of one week.

An increase in the effect of ultrasonic cavitation is facilitated by the subsequent lymphatic drainage procedures, which will stimulate the release of fat cells from decay products.

When choosing a method of figure correction, it is necessary to remember about contraindications. There are those in the cavitation procedure. First of all, these include diseases of the liver, kidneys, oncology, asthma, diabetes, thyroid disorders, pregnancy and lactation.

An active lifestyle, proper diet and drinking enough water will help to maintain the effect of cavitation for a long time and enjoy the impeccable shape of your body.

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