Celebrate summer 2020 in cargo pants like Jennifer Aniston

All the world’s stylists and designers say that fashion has a cycle. The ideas of new collections are regularly borrowed from past decades. Now it is fashionable to wear clothes imbued with the spirit of the aesthetics of the 90s. At the same time, zeros are also popular.

Cargo pants

trend from the past

Cargo pants were relevant in the 2000s, now they are back in trend. The trend was supported by world stars: Jennifer Aniston, Gigi Hadid and others. Gigi took to the streets in nude cargo and an oversized tie-dye t-shirt, which immediately attracted attention.


Jennifer Aniston appeared in camera lenses in white cargo pants, a black boyfriend jacket and a white T-shirt. This street style chic will be especially popular in 2020. Jennifer completed her look with nude glasses, a Chanel handbag and black ankle boots.

In 2020, military-style cargo pants will be relevant not only for everyday wardrobe. With a successful combination, they can look extremely appropriate at an evening reception. For example, if you wear them with a blouse, jewelry and a nude trench coat. In addition, if you have heeled sandals that are bandaged on the leg like gladiators, then tie them on the bottom of your trousers.

Pants in the style of the 90s

What can you wear them with?

Pants can be worn with a turtleneck, blouse, etc. Depending on the shoes, blouses and make-up can change. For example, if you put on a dark turtleneck, rough boots (like martens), do bright makeup, then the image will turn out to be bold, suitable for a youth party.

what to wear with cargo pants

If you wear cargo with a blouse and classic shoes, then the bow softens, becomes more casual, suitable for walks and work.

Cargo pants with blouse and shirt

Everyday Cargo Pants

You can also pair them with a white T-shirt. To make the image not too simple and unremarkable, you need to add various accessories. It is better to choose massive ones for this image – for example, gold-plated chains or earrings. For a more feminine look, you can wear ankle boots, a leather belt and glasses.

Another option for how you can wear them is a combination with a sweater or sports sweatshirt. Any color of the sweater is suitable for white. In this case, the image is complemented by a small handbag, glasses and massive sneakers, you can ugly shoes.

Cargo pants for every day

Thus, cargo returned from the past is combined with various types of clothing. With the right combination of one, you can make several outfits for any occasion.

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