Celebrities on the beach: photos

Stars, like ordinary people, also love to soak up the warm sun on the beach. And of course, at these moments they absolutely do not think about the fact that they can get into the lens of the ubiquitous paparazzi. Some of them are not lost and show off their chic figures and expensive haute couture swimsuits, well, while others simply amaze with the neglect of their bodies. Therefore, we suggest that you return a little in the summer and enjoy our photo selection of a “star” holiday.



Most foreign celebrities prefer closed resorts, which are quite difficult for ordinary people, and even more so for journalists, to get to. However, nothing is impossible, as the examples below prove.

  • Tori Spelling. The rich heiress of the Spelling television empire, as well as the performer of the role of Donna from the Beverly Hills movie series, is now the mother of five children, which could not but be reflected in her figure. There was no trace of the previously fragile forms. Tori recovered several sizes and got cellulite. When the paparazzi caught the actress on vacation, she categorically refused to take off her shorts, and then posted photos already retouched by Photoshop on her pages on social networks.

  • Melanie Griffith. The famous Hollywood actress in her 60s did not gain excess weight at all. But sagging and flabby skin spoils absolutely everything.

  • Courtney Stodden. The model, actress, and also the main character of the American reality show decided to radically change her image, and in addition to changing her hair from blonde to red, she also visited a plastic surgeon, as Courtney’s breasts became much larger.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow. The photo below is one of those rare shots that journalists managed to take during the actress’s honeymoon with her third husband on the island of Capri. Agree that this celebrity of the year is completely unaffected and at 46 Gwyneth has a chic athletic and toned figure.

  • Lady Gaga. One of the most eccentric and extraordinary singers in Hollywood has repeatedly appeared on a public beach in New York. Unfortunately, the figure of Stephanie Gohan (Lady Gaga’s real name) is significantly different from the one that glossy publications show us. Flabby skin, cellulite, and a few extra pounds are Stephanie’s constant companions, which she skillfully extinguishes with Photoshop.

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  • Kesha. The original swimsuit, which, according to the idea, should emphasize the waistline and the roundness of the chest on Kesha looks simply ugly. Flabby skin and a bulging belly certainly do not paint this American singer.

  • Uma Thurman. The ex-model, as well as the leading lady in the movie “Kill Bill” at 46 looks pretty good. And the elegant black bikini only emphasizes Uma’s beautiful and toned figure.

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  • Serena Williams. The famous tennis player, or rather her hips, have long been the main characters of the world tabloids. Nevertheless, such magnificent forms do not prevent the athlete from being one of the most recognizable personalities in the world of tennis and achieving considerable success in it.

  • Kelly Osbourne. The American singer and part-time daughter of Ozzy Osbourne suffered from excess weight for a long time, with which she was able to say goodbye thanks to her participation in the TV project “Dancing with the Stars”. Now Kelly boasts beautiful figure outlines and boldly wears an open haute couture swimsuit.

  • Vin Diesel. But the latest photos of Vin Diesel, which we managed to find without photoshop processing, are literally amazing. Let’s say right away that many at first did not even recognize the well-known actor, since instead of a previously tightened sports figure, he acquired a bulging belly and flabby sagging skin.

  • Julia Roberts. The well-known “Pretty Woman” now looks completely different. The blurred figure and unkempt hair are now constant companions of the previously popular actress.

  • Pamela Anderson. This is one of the most frequently seen stars on the beaches of Malibu and New York. Although Pem tries to keep his shape as much as possible, the years take their toll. Sagging skin and cellulite are already clearly expressed and visible even to the naked eye.

  • Jennifer Aniston. At 49, this famous actress looks just perfect. The only flaw in her figure is a slightly bulging belly, which Jennifer tirelessly fights through daily runs and constant training with a personal trainer.

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Important! Did you know that in her youth, Jennifer Aniston was distinguished by a rather magnificent form, with which she could hardly say goodbye. It was because of the fear of getting fat again that Jennifer did not dare to get pregnant, which led to the rupture of her relationship with her husband Brad Pitt.


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Photos of Russian stars taken while they were basking on the beach appear in domestic tabloids quite often. Indeed, unlike their foreign “friends”, our celebrities themselves post various pictures on social networks. We will consider the most interesting of them below.

  • Anastasia Volochkova. The former prima of the Mariinsky Theater, and today a well-known scandalous socialite, often shows her photos taken on vacation in warm regions, which cause considerable excitement.

It was because of the excessive frankness of photographs that Nastya did not manage to realize herself in the political sphere. Now she leads a solo career not only as a dancer, but also as a singer.

  • Olga Buzova. One of those celebrities who can only be accused of being too thin. However, Olya very often exposes her pictures taken on vacation on social networks and claims that she will not resort to plastic surgery, as she is completely satisfied with her figure.

  • Timati. The rapper, producer, and also a Moscow restaurateur is a frequent visitor to the beaches of Miami and the Cote d’Azur of France. However, recently he has been spending his vacation not with another passion, but with his daughter Alice, which, according to the star of domestic rap herself, he is immensely happy about.

  • Alena Vodonaeva. Another ex-participant of the well-known TV show “Dom-2” boasted of her photos taken on vacation. Unlike Buzova, Vodonaeva is gifted with more appetizing parameters that many men admire.

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  • Elena Temnikova. The ex-member of the Silver group is the owner of simply ideal proportions, which it is a sin not to brag about. She spent her last vacation with her daughter and husband at a private resort in the Maldives.

  • Victoria Lopyreva. Although Vika makes the main bet on closed swimsuits, she still looks no less impressive in them. And thanks to today’s fashionable high …

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