Cellulite exercises on thighs

There is an opinion that intense exercise helps to get rid of cellulite faster. Believe me, this is not at all the case, and even vice versa. For example, some sports, such as volleyball, where the load on the legs is very large, tennis, aerobics, where the entire venous system is also loaded, joints suffer here, these problems can aggravate the situation.

A wonderful way to get rid of cellulite on the thighs, and not only, is, of course, swimming, running, but under the condition of a small load, all this improves blood circulation well. Below is a set of exercises that will effectively help, without harm, get rid of cellulite on the thighs.

When performing all the exercises suggested below, breathe correctly, never hold your breath, breathe calmly, not forcibly. Proper breathing speeds up the removal of lactic acid, which creates muscle pain.

When performing all exercises against cellulite, always diligently keep your stomach drawn in, and never arch your back.

Yes, the most important thing before you start performing the given exercises, you need to warm up well, starting with sipping, warm up all parts of the body, only after that, you can now safely proceed to the proposed exercises. Be sure to drink water while exercising so that toxins are quickly released along with profuse sweat. Clothing is loose, made of natural fabrics and should not constrain you. Forward!

Doing the squat

You should squat deeply, hands, preferably with a small load, 1/5 – 2 kilograms is enough, we hold in front of us. Be sure to keep your back straight, for a better load on the muscles. 10 repetitions.

Another very effective exercise: as if we are sitting on an invisible chair, it is it that gives a quick result. Get ready, do it.

As always, we keep our back straight, as well as in the previous one, the load is in both hands in front of us. We bend our knees at an angle of 90, in this position we froze for 20-30 seconds. We imagine that we are sitting on a chair. We rest, repeat, and so 10 times.

Leg abduction exercise

Get on all fours. Raise one bent leg and take it to the side, now linger as long as you can, and slowly lower your leg, while you can’t touch the floor. Be patient, you need to repeat 20 times with each leg.

The next exercise in this starting position, you need to get down on your elbows and slowly raise your leg up, the toe must be pointing down, linger, then lower your leg. We do everything slowly, with maximum tension in the hips for a quick result. Reps 20 in each direction.

Don’t forget about lunges

Put one foot forward in front of you, lean on the other, for example, let the left foot be the supporting one. The right leg back, making the supporting left. Put your hands on your left knee, and freeze for 15-20 seconds. Always keep your back straight. We do 10 repetitions, changing each leg in turn.

One more exercise. Feet shoulder-width apart, relax your stomach well. The main thing is to never forget to keep your back straight and your stomach taut. Move all your weight to one of the legs, for example the left one, and let the right leg rest at this time. So we stand until we are completely tired, endure, endure, then change the leg. Repetitions should be performed 3-5 times.

Lying down exercise

These exercises are also very important. Let’s get started. Lie on your back. While inhaling, stretch your arms behind your head, and with a free exhalation, stretch well behind them, while slightly raising your torso. Hold for 20 – 30 seconds. And again we do 10 repetitions.

We continue to lie on our back, while the left leg should be thrown on the right knee, then lift the right thigh high up. Here, as well as in every exercise, you need to work with full dedication. Freeze in this position for 20 seconds. Then lower your leg, rest, and continue on the other leg. We do repetitions 5-7 times.

Lie on one side, for example the right one, and rest your hand under your head. Then we make swings with the left foot, in full force, but we don’t lower it to the end, on weight. We do 10 repetitions.

Lie down, arms along the body. Bend your knees and raise yourself up on your elbows. The hands remain in place, and the left leg must be transferred over the right leg. Reps for each leg, do 10-12.

Exercise performed while sitting

Sitting on the floor, put your hands down. Turn the body to the left side, the left straight leg is also extended forward. Bend and bring your right leg over your left until your knee touches the floor. Then, you need to stretch the right one and do it, also with the other knee. Do 10-15 reps for each side.

This exercise is interesting in that it eliminates cellulite both on the hips and arms.

You need to kneel, closing them together, stretch your arms in front of you. Lower yourself completely onto your left thigh, while moving your hands to the right. Starting position, then repeat the same thing, but on the other side. Reps 10 – 15.

In the described exercises, all muscle groups of the thighs, arms and abdomen are involved, which is very important for effectively getting rid of the problem. Most importantly, all these exercises are easy to perform on your own, at home, but it is important not to be lazy, but devote 20 to 30 minutes to this every day.

Daily cycling will also quickly and effectively get rid of cellulite, break down all existing subcutaneous fat. Jumping rope, a great exercise against cellulite, also frequent walks.

At the end of classes, take a contrast shower, after which, rub your whole body with a terry mitten, or even better, a loofah mitten, you can use a towel for better circulation, blood circulation, then massage your body well. Massage with honey is also very effective for cellulite, but it must be done before the shower and carefully.

Salt baths with oils such as lemon, grapefruit, orange are good for getting rid of cellulite.

Nutrition along with exercise is also important. Eliminate fried and fatty, smoked foods. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Drink natural juices and water.

Follow the suggested exercises and recommendations, you will get faster results and will certainly enjoy smooth, velvety skin without cellulite.

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