Chanel Fall-Winter 2020-2021 Collection

The Chanel fall-winter 2020-2021 show remained true to the key elements of the brand’s style, but at the same time sparkled with interesting novelties. Let’s get acquainted with the key fashion trends in this article?!


The tweed texture has always been considered the hallmark of the Chanel brand. It’s amazing how, over the years, designers have managed to give classic material a fresh, stylish sound. One of the fashionable tricks is an atypical coloring for a tweed suit. This season, such an ensemble can be not only traditional gray, black or white, but even unexpected pistachio.

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A new vision was also given to the combination of a dense tweed texture with an exquisite lace top. If you have a classic ensemble made of this material in your wardrobe, you can also beat it with such a trendy combination.

The combination of the usual ensemble with printed nylon tights and riding boots also conquers – too interesting to ignore!

military style

If we recall the history of the Chanel brand, it can be noted that the legendary Coco has always been inspired by the men’s clothing style. It was she who discovered that elegance and convenience are hidden in military uniforms. In the 2020 season, designers are confidently following the course that the famous Coco has charted.

In the new collection, as signs of this direction, there were spectacular jabots on shirts and blouses, light jackets with epaulettes, patch pockets, ties and mentickets. And all this is wonderfully complemented by the femininity and elegance that are invariably inherent in the Chanel brand.

Romantic mood

Despite the bright predominance of military elements, romantic wardrobe items also appeared in the new collections. For example, the Chanel brand noted that accent sleeves are always in trend and will only gain momentum in popularity. Open shoulders are another highlight of the outfit, which can be responsible for the feminine mood of the image. And yes, it can be combined with classic autumn shoes – high boots.

Refined and romantic style can also be seen in the predominance of lace texture, pearl decor, accent neckline, contrasting collars, as well as delicate milky shades with shiny threads.


An extraordinary novelty of the show from Chanel was loose trousers with buttons on the sides. This fitting serves not only for beauty – it is also able to regulate the length of the side cuts and the overall mood of the image.

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A knitted cardigan can become a stylish addition to the wardrobe for the fall-winter 2020-2021 season. The Chanel brand offered its own vision of such a model – with large pearl buttons and a colorful print in the style of color blocking. Such novelties are perfectly combined with various clothes in multi-layer ensembles, but also a cardigan can be worn on a naked body with buttons fastened.


In the wardrobe for the cold season, you can also include a feminine skirt. For changing cold conditions, models from a dense texture are best suited. The most fashionable style this year is the classic straight cut with a vertical slit. Such a highlight of the cut focuses on slender legs and visually lengthens them.

Stylish dresses

The onset of the cold season is not at all a reason to abandon feminine and beautiful outfits. The Chanel brand showed which dresses you can choose to combine comfort, practicality and style in one look.

For example, your favorite might be a dress with a laconic cut with accent sleeves in a mini length. This model can be organically combined with high leather boots and rough boots. It is important not to miscalculate with trendy colors – for example, at the Chanel show, a bet was placed on a refreshing pistachio color.

Of course, there were some stylish improvisations on the theme of the little black dress. So, in the autumn-winter 2020-2021 season, knitted models with buttons, an emphasis on the waist and charming flounces on the hem will be popular.


The Chanel show brought to the attention of fashionistas new shoes that surprisingly combined practicality and style. The main trend, according to the brand, are two-tone boots with a comfortable stable heel. Also in the images of the models one could notice variations of shoes with cuffs and a wide top. Since such shoes are directly related to riding, designers advise wearing them paired with leather cowboy pants.


The jewelry line of the Chanel fall-winter 2020-2021 collection included accent and spectacular details that easily turned into key elements of the images. The main trends of the shows can be considered large metal crosses, belts made of multi-colored stones and overall bracelets. Designers did not discount pearls – a well-known symbol of the brand. But the combination of bracelets made of this material with gloves has become a truly interesting novelty.

Attention is also deserved by the ways of using accessories in the image, which, if desired, any fashionista can embody in her image. So, the Chanel brand suggests not to hide beautiful bracelets behind the sleeves of autumn and winter clothes – it is better to place them directly on the fabric. When choosing pendants and necklaces, you should not be modest – this season you should wear several jewelry at once according to the principle of layering.


Bags in a rather restrained classic design became a stylish addition to the images at the Chanel show. The quilted texture in a laconic black design became the main feature of the accessories. An interesting highlight was also a strap made of large pearls. Moreover, now it is not necessary to be limited to one bag in the image – the trend for a combination of several models of different sizes is still relevant.

fashion palette

The Chanel fall-winter 2020-2021 fashion show presented a large variety of monochrome looks. Sets made in a single palette are great for obese women, because they effectively slim the silhouette.

Many stylish sets were presented in black and white. And to make such ensembles look original and stylish, they are complemented with stylish accessories – for example, belts or necklaces with large stones.

The fashion collection also included fresh shades of lime, as well as gray and coral tones. Such colors are included in the list of the most stylish colors of the fall-winter 2020-2021 season.

The fashion collection has also clearly seen the popularity of the pink palette, which the Chanel brand has demonstrated in the splendor of tweed and monochrome ensembles.

Juicy raspberry, light green and orange shades have also outlined their leadership. Such colors look especially organic within geometric prints and perfectly dilute laconic and restrained ensembles for autumn and winter. Viard went on an experiment and enriched …

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