Chanel women’s collection for spring-summer 2019 (photo from the show)


The ingenious French fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld captures the imagination of fashionistas around the world. A refined sense of style, an incredible presentation of femininity combined with trends and trends – all this is embodied in the model range of new collections. The recent show of the Chanel collection for spring-summer 2019 showed that the maestro easily used the increasingly popular lingerie style in casual and business clothes and diluted it with very delicate pastel tones of various colors.

Stylish, unusual large plaid and a signature houndstooth pattern all emphasize the uncomplicated cut with clean lines. You can read the comments of stylists below.

The Chanel spring-summer 2019 collection offered on this page in the photo shows almost all models and styles, as well as ways to form actual everyday total bows. Following simple combinations is not difficult, as all things uniquely echo the materials used and the color palette.

The new Chanel collection demonstrates all modern trends, as the comments of stylists say:

  1. a large number of proposed models made in linen style;
  2. jackets and jackets have the same “soft” or rounded cut, but at the same time they can combine a rather interesting check;
  3. abstract prints are used in dresses, generally reminiscent of floral and leafy motifs;
  4. pure colors are practically not used, they are replaced by a muted pastel palette (pink and peach, gray and powder, nude and beige);
  5. an abundance of decor, starting from the hemming of the bottom of the products, the hem of the skirt with a wide strip of lace, then various draperies, embroideries, overhead details;
  6. interesting prints and options for combining things that seem to belong to completely different style solutions;
  7. tweed jackets are made of materials with a coarse interlacing of threads.

However, see for yourself and enjoy the great art that was presented in close proximity to the Champs Elysees in Paris. The bridgehead was the Grand Palais. The Chanel women’s collection for 2019 is shown in the photo from the show further on this page. We wish you to draw a lot of unique ideas for the formation of your new image for the upcoming warm


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