Checked jackets: what to wear and what to wear in spring 2021

A fashionable jacket or jacket is rightfully considered one of the main components of the wardrobe for both men and women. This piece of clothing is versatile, because with its help you can create a large number of stylish images that are suitable not only for everyday use, but also for business events. It is the checkered jacket that will be the main character of the spring 2021 fashion shows.

What styles of jackets are popular this season

Lovers of classic jackets will not have to change the usual style of clothing, because it is still in fashion. This spring, the hallmark of classic-style jackets is the minimum number of buttons or their complete absence. Collars and cuffs have also ceased to be a mandatory attribute.

No less popular this season is a jacket with a belt. Also, attention should be paid to models that cover the inguinal region, that is, slightly elongated. In combination with skinny jeans and a light top, this type of clothing will look very advantageous, emphasizing the femininity of a young lady.

Designers are recommending boyfriend-style jackets this spring that feel like they’ve been lifted off a man’s shoulder. A jacket in this style is perfect for both trousers and a dress, and its owner will look elegant, fragile and petite.

Before buying a jacket, it is important to pay attention to the selection of the current model, which will last more than one season and will remain in trend for several years. Fitted and shortened models should be avoided, as they quickly lose their relevance.

Popular cage varieties

There are many varieties of checkered print, so that every girl can find a fashionable option to her liking. All variations of this print look stylish and relevant. The most popular of them are:

  • Burberry – This print consists of four primary colors that form a cage: red, white, black, sand.

  • Glencheck – a cage consisting of black and white colors, but there are also options with gray accents.
  • Tartan (tartan) – consists of warm and natural shades.

  • Houndstooth – is a print of abstract elongated polygons.

  • Argyle – a print in the form of diamond-shaped blocks, connected by thin lines.

Choosing the right print and style is the main task when buying this stylish piece of clothing. It is very important not to make a mistake in choosing the right option.

What to wear with plaid jackets

This versatile piece of clothing is suitable for a variety of occasions. Images that combine a light jacket and leather trousers look very stylish. A leather bag is suitable as an accessory, and classic boots or pumps will help to complement the look.

A simple skirt and blouse look can be made more stylish and interesting by adding a plaid blazer and a couple of accessories. It is advisable to pay attention to the contrast between the top and the jacket. The best color for a blouse or T-shirt is white.

If the length of the jacket allows you to wear it without trousers or a skirt, then for an evening out you can wear a jacket on a naked body, emphasizing the waist with a thin strap. The image turns out to be quite open, but at the same time it will not look defiant.

Even in the spring of 2021, plaid blazers and cardigans remain the favorite item of fashion designers and girls around the world. The images collected with the help of such a seemingly simple item will help you look stylish no matter the situation.

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