Checkered skirts 2022: what styles are in fashion and what to wear

In 2022, leading brands offer a wide selection of trendy plaid skirts. It is easy to choose a suitable model for yourself and look stylish and beautiful at the same time women of completely different builds can.

What plaid skirts are in fashion in 2022

Checkered print is one of the most popular patterns in clothing. The geometric pattern remains in the lead for many seasons. According to stylists, a plaid skirt should be in the basic wardrobe of every woman, because this versatile outfit is great for any occasion. Consider which models will be in trend this season:

  • Mini. Fashionable short plaid skirts in 2022 will not lose their popular positions. They favorably emphasize long legs and the dignity of a slender figure.

  • Midi. This season, an elongated plaid skirt will become one of the most favorite among women, because such a model looks equally beautiful on young girls and ladies of respectable age.

  • Plus size. This season, designers have taken care of women of fashion in the body. The collections for 2022 feature many plaid skirts for overweight women.

  • For the smell. The original wrap models have long won the love of fashionistas. The fair sex likes both playful mini skirts and laconic midi.

  • Pleated. Flirty pleats make these skirts stand out on their own, while the stylish plaid print makes them even more original.

  • With an A-line. A model with an expanding bottom allows you to hide figure flaws. In 2022, fashionable A-line plaid skirts will be a good solution for both young girls and women over 50.

  • Pencil skirt. The permanent favorite of many seasons and in 2022 will be in special demand among fashionistas of different ages.

This season, skirts with a cellular pattern of different colors will be in fashion.

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What is fashionable to wear plaid skirts in 2022

Fashion trends in 2022 invite girls to boldly include a plaid skirt in any stylish ensemble. This model will harmoniously fit into everyday, business, youth, and evening look. Let’s find out what will be fashionable to wear such skirts this season:

Option number 1 – skirt + t-shirt

Simple, but at the same time a win-win combination of clothes. A summer skirt in a cage looks bright and impressive, and also beautifully emphasizes the dignity of the figure. Complementing the bow with stylish accessories in the form of sunglasses, jewelry, a bag and shoes with heels will create a very feminine look.

An outfit consisting of a pleated skirt and a long-sleeve knitted T-shirt looks no less original. The result is a romantic and sexy outfit that can win the heart of any man.

Option number 2 – skirt + shirt

It is no coincidence that this tandem is the favorite of many fashionistas. A discreet top in the form of a classic shirt and a playful bottom, consisting of a sun skirt, looks very impressive. If you unbutton a few top buttons and roll up the sleeves, this will give the outfit a less strict look.

Option number 3 – skirt + vest

A classic vest, one of the main fashion trends of the season, will make a stylish bow more interesting. This basic piece of women’s wardrobe is perfectly combined with a plaid skirt. The resulting outfit will definitely appeal to fashionistas who are forced to follow a strict dress code at work.

Option number 4 – skirt + turtleneck

It’s a good idea to pair a plaid skirt with a plain turtleneck. Firstly, this combination of clothes will not let you freeze in the cold season, and secondly, the outfit turns out to be stylish, elegant and feminine. Such clothes can be worn for a walk around the city, work or study, meeting with friends or a romantic date.

Option number 5 – a skirt as part of a costume

A fashionable bow looks very original, in which a wrap-around skirt is part of a business suit. Thanks to the spectacular print, the bow looks stylish and beautiful. Accessories will harmoniously fit into the image: a feminine beret, an elegant bag and over the knee boots fashionable in 2022.

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Option number 6 – skirt + jacket

A practical outfit will appeal to the fair sex, who prefer comfortable and comfortable clothing in casual and street style. An elongated jacket goes well with a short skirt and a light pullover. To make the outfit more interesting, stylists suggest using a different combination of trendy prints. So the plaid skirt looks organic and beautiful with a striped pullover.

Option number 7 – skirt + jacket

Despite the restrained and laconic print, the plaid skirt can be used by fashionistas to create a bright, sexy and playful look. So the combination of a stylish leather jacket, T-shirt and stockings looks very impressive.

Option number 8 – skirt + coat

For the cold season, an outfit consisting of a skirt in a plaid print, a turtleneck and a stylish coat is perfect. A contrasting combination of things will make this image more original. So a beige coat will look beautiful and spectacular with a bright scarlet turtleneck. The skirt should be chosen in such a way that these two colors are present in its print.

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A photo selection on our website will tell you what fashionable plaid skirts women should wear in 2022.

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