Checkered skirts are fashionable in 2020

For almost half a century in a row, fashionable plaid skirts have complemented women’s looks. They will not become less popular in the current 2020. The checkered print is loved, actively used, and for good reason, because it is able to bring a special zest to each chosen bow. And now you will see for yourself.

What cell is in trend today?

It seemed to be a simple cell. But she is also different. And it’s not just about colors and sizes. Therefore, before moving on to skirts with this print, let’s find out what types of checks adorn fashion clothes today most often.

  • Scottish or tartan. This is a mega-popular checkered pattern, which can be safely attributed to the classics. Its distinctive feature is the interweaving of woolen or cotton threads of different colors. That is why the pattern is so bright.
  • Checkers. Unlike Scottish, this pattern is more restrained. As a rule, large cells in restrained shades are used here, which resemble a black and white chessboard from the side. Hence, in fact, the name.

  • Glencheck or Windsor cage. Another version of the checkered print, equated to the classics. This is a native English drawing, which looks quite concise, if not modest. Most often it can be seen in business and office styles.
  • Goose foot. Pretty cute and playful print that appeals to fashionistas of all ages. Its distinctive feature was not the classical, but the broken shape of the square. Thanks to this, such a cage can be worn in informal images.

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  • Vichy. Another bright fashion trend in the segment of checkered patterns. Initially, it was exclusively black and white. But modern fashion dictates its own terms, and now vichy is increasingly found in multi-colored bright variations. For example, blue-blue, red-pink, etc.
  • Madras. Perhaps this is the brightest type of cell to date. “Madras” means a medium or small colorful ornament that looks so cheerful that it is completely unacceptable to use it in business and office styles. But it perfectly complements informal summer bows.

  • Burberry. This is a brand cell of a well-known brand, which every fashionista unmistakably recognizes today. It consists of four basic shades, which are based on a calm sandy color. The Burberry plaid print often adorns stoles, dresses, skirts, shirts and even outerwear.

In addition to the types of cells noted above, there are other interesting options. Among them are argyle, pepita, tattersall and black watch. And each in its own way is original, intricate, and definitely worthy of attention.

The main fashion trends among plaid skirts

In fact, the checkered print is so popular that it often adorns skirts of completely different styles and textures. And everywhere fits organically. So if you are choosing a plaid skirt right now, then by all means take a closer look at the following models. They are now considered the main trend.

  • Mini. Fashionable short plaid skirts in 2020 break all records of popularity. And especially women of fashion with a good figure and slender legs gravitate towards them. After all, with the help of such a thing it is easy to demonstrate your most important advantages and create a girlish playful image. However, in order not to look vulgar, stylists recommend choosing short plaid skirts with a high waist. But with the cut you can experiment. So, in the trend A-silhouette, straight-fitting mini, and asymmetry.

  • Leather. Who would have thought, but leather skirts in 2020 also acquired a checkered print. For example, an interesting and rather cute option can be found in this. It is a straight-cut skirt up to the middle of the thigh in a large cage of light brown color. The model turned out to be simple, versatile and very stylish at the same time. Exactly the one that every modern girl can easily fit into her fashionable image.

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  • On the smell. Wrap skirts are very popular this season. And so that they do not look too boring, the designers enriched these models with a checkered print. And it should be noted that he fit in just perfectly. The result was not overloaded, but at the same time, such a skirt can easily be supplemented with both office and casual style. Pair a plaid wrap skirt with a monochrome fitted top or blazer in a similar pattern, and don’t forget to accessorize to complete the look.

  • maxi. Feminine and luxurious floor-length skirts also go well with a checkered pattern. As a rule, dense fabrics are used for sewing such models, which allows you to wear this skirt even with the onset of cold weather. However, it is important to remember here that a maxi-length skirt with a bright pattern looks very self-sufficient, so when combining the bow, do not forget about restraint and choose a monochrome top. This will be the most profitable solution for getting a win-win image. As for the style, preference should be given to flaring, asymmetry or corrugation.

  • Sun. If you want to look charming, then by all means replenish your wardrobe with a sun skirt with a checkered pattern. This is a very playful piece that is perfect for girls with a rectangle or inverted triangle figure. This style will make the silhouette more proportional and feminine, and the cage will become a bright highlight of your image. Young and slender women of fashion are quite allowed to wear cropped models, but older ladies are better off looking at a laconic midi.

  • Straight fit. A plaid skirt is also perfect for overweight women, the main thing is to choose the right style to mask obvious figure flaws. And in this case, there is nothing better than a strict straight cut. After all, he visually stretches the silhouette and makes it proportional. A dense fabric literally holds back wrinkles and bulging areas. As for the print, it needs to be treated more carefully. For example, a large cage will only add volume to your figure. It is better to give preference here to a medium or small pattern in a restrained palette.

  • Pleated. The pleated plaid skirt is one of the main trends of the season. It is perfectly combined with all the basic things in the wardrobe and allows you to get a stylish look. At your discretion, you can choose a large or medium pleat, as well as any optimal length – there are no strict restrictions. If you want something more original, then choose multi-layered pleated models, like Daisy Shely and Versace, which stand out in different shapes, sizes and colors of checks. And to make it clearer how it looks in life, look at the photo below.

The checkered pattern is well combined in modern models of skirts with different decorative elements. In particular, it can be feminine flounces, lace, metal locks, buttons, bows and, of course, belts. The latter is highly recommended…

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