Cheerful pink in the spring wardrobe 2021: what to wear and with what

With the advent of spring, every woman, regardless of age, wants to add fresh, bright colors to her wardrobe. Pink is the main color of spring 2021. On the crest of spring fashion are both deep and muted shades of this cheerful, juicy, alluring color. Today, refined, delicate and noble tones of the color of the morning dawn are especially popular: dusty rose, pearl, cotton candy and coral.

Classic combinations

Classic combinations with pink are white, rich gray and deep black. The combination of bright, cheerful pink and white creates an elegant, sensual, spring-like gentle look. Pearl with white is an original classic, appropriate in a business and romantic style. White smoothes and adds depth to any tone of pink. White trousers, a skirt or leggings and a short down jacket in the color of dawn or light flowing coral trousers complete with a white jacket are things that every fashionista should have in a spring wardrobe.

The combination of pink and gray colors creates a complete, elegant, sophisticated and concise look. It is equally good for a strict official event and a warm friendly party. Skillfully using the various tones of the listed colors, you can create magnificent stylish and unforgettable sets.

The color of the evening sky in combination with black creates a strong, stylish and energetic image, as it favorably emphasizes the play of contrasts. Ladies of any age can wear clothes of these tones – this is an elegant classic combination. Black emphasizes, makes any shade of pink more pronounced and saturated. Deep black with coral or pearl is a practical option for everyday wear.

Bold combinations

The combination of pink and green tones is very unusual, bright, stylish, extravagant. A coral blouse goes well with a bright green skirt, but for more delicate, muted shades, such as dusty rose, powdery, flamingo or pearl, it is better to choose a deep emerald or light green scale.

The original combination of dawn color with deep brown creates an interesting tandem based on contrast. Delicate, muted tones of dusty rose, coral or flamingo are perfectly combined with noble chocolate shades. This elegant combination suits young girls and mature ladies.

Pink and purple are a balanced and bold combination in which a lot depends on the degree of saturation of the tones. A special charm to this combination gives the expressiveness of the contrast of warm and cold scales. This color tandem is perfect for ladies of any age.

The combination of the color of the evening sky with yellow is one of the most noble, alluring and feminine. This is a rather daring, juicy and bright tandem that will look amazing on young and self-confident ladies. Ladies after 45 in this combination, it is better to use delicate, muted shades of yellow.

The color of the dawn is perfectly combined with various shades of blue – from deep dark ultramarine to soft blue. For women over 45, it is preferable to choose a deeper, calmer tone of blue and combine it with delicate shades of dusty rose, powdery, coral or flamingo.

The color of the evening sky goes well with beige – this is an elegant and exotic combination that, due to its softness and conciseness, is perfect for women of any age, especially blondes. For young girls, lighter shades of beige and bright tones of pink, such as fuchsia, raspberry, magenta, are preferred. For women over 45, it is desirable to combine a deep, dark range of beige with delicate shades of pearl, salmon, dusty rose.

The color of the evening sky is perfectly combined with orange, forming a beautiful, perky and juicy tandem, amazingly suitable for young girls. Older ladies who choose a bright color composition should take a closer look at the deep, dark tone of orange and combine it with muted tones of pink.

Dangerous combination

The combination of pink and red is mainly used in fashion shows, and not in everyday life – it is too bright, defiant and controversial. If a fashionista decides to use these rich, daring colors in her wardrobe, she must have a perfect figure. This combination is inappropriate at a business meeting or in the office, but at a friendly party or at a resort, a risky color tandem will look bold, bold, but appropriate.

Important little things

The older the woman’s age, the less saturated and bright the pink tone should be. It is preferable for ladies of age to choose gentle, delicate, noble shades, such as coral, dusty rose or pearl.

Clothes of the color of the morning dawn can be used in your wardrobe in various life situations. At the same time, it is worth listening to the advice of stylists, experimenting and keeping up with fashion.

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