Chelsea with a massive sole: what to wear with the trend of 2021 in the spring

Today, girls consider Chelsea boots with a massive sole to be the most beloved and relevant among shoe trends in the spring season. Recognizing and distinguishing Chelsea from other shoes is easy. A distinctive feature of shoes with a pointed and rounded toe is the rubber inserts on the sides.

Chelsea boots with thick soles will look perfect with leather trousers, leather jackets and jeans, with strict flared skirts and knitted dresses. Therefore, it’s time to take a closer look at such shoes and wear them right now in order to have time to enjoy this direction to the maximum.

Brutal boots and dress

Ordinary ankle boots can easily replace fashionable Chelsea boots. A girl will look stylish and unusual if she tries on such shoes for a dress. The image will become more interesting if you put on a leather jacket, jacket or large-knit sweater on top. Complement the perfect duet with a voluminous cardigan and bag.

Rough heavy shoes in spring weather are also created for light dresses – plain or with a print.

Daring Chelsea look harmonious in a duet with a cropped dress, midi and maxi. A cap, black or colored tights, a leather jacket will become part of such a bow, and a relaxed everyday look is ready.

For an elegant and delightful bow, try on a boho dress with Chelsea shoes.

The highlight of the business style will be plain or colored shoes and a long knitted dress. They are easy to combine with a jacket, cropped cardigan. Discreet jewelry will suit a business look.

Rough boots and skirts

Skirts of various styles are perfect for such shoes. An excellent starting point for an evening promenade is a midi and chelsea skirt. This image looks stylish and complete.

Boots will complement a luxurious pleated skirt in combination with a loose-cut jacket or jumper. Decorate the outfit bag and belt.

A great option is a pencil skirt with similar shoes. You can add to them a loose pullover, tight-fitting golf or a jacket of the same color. This image looks elegant and spectacular.

Owners of a thin ankle can safely complement the boots with A-line skirts. A blouse or sweater would be appropriate as a top for such a dress.

Boots with a pantsuit

In the new season, designers offer a bold combination – a pantsuit with a cotton shirt, turtleneck and rough boots. Such an ensemble can be worn to the office or to the university. The outfit looks spectacular and comfortable. Suits in which cropped legs look as fashionable and stylish as possible. Such models reveal all the charm of shoes. In this option, choose a pair of shoes that contrast with the color of the clothes.

Casual Looks: Chelsea With Trousers

Shoes are combined with different trousers, while heavy boots can be of any color. The ideal solution is Chelsea and skinny jeans. Get a unique feminine ensemble in casual style. For the top, a T-shirt, sweater or shirt is suitable. The waist is distinguished by a leather belt.

An indispensable bow of this year is boots with leggings or skinny, which will emphasize the length of the legs. A narrow, tight-fitting bottom will be complemented by voluminous sweaters and shirts. Such bows can be diluted with fashion accessories: a hat, a scarf, a bag.

Paired with leather

Leather clothing is a great company for Chelsea boots. Creating a fashionable image, pay attention to leather skirts, trousers, shorts. You can combine the bottom with a turtleneck, T-shirt or shirt. A leather jacket or versatile trench coat will help complete the look.

Image of boots and coat

In the arsenal of every fashionista there is a knee-length coat and a classic model that goes well with boots. Cropped jeans, tight leggings and a cashmere loose sweater are selected for a modern bow. Will fit into the outfit and a loose trouser suit.

Chelsea look spectacular on a massive sole with an oversized coat, which is complemented by fitted jeans, a T-shirt or a soft tunic. A wide scarf or a fashionable shawl will also update the image in a similar style.

Spring look: chelsea and shorts

An ensemble of short shorts and massive Chelsea is in trend. A knitted turtleneck or T-shirt will enrich the image. Paired with a jacket, the bow will turn out to be creative and feminine, which will emphasize the fragility of the girls and visually lengthen the legs.

Thanks to their comfort and versatility, these shoes are suitable for all elements of the wardrobe. Things with Chelsea shoes create a beautiful and harmonious bow, they will add a little boldness and brutality to the image.

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