Chemistry for short hair: photos before and after the procedure

Chemistry for short hair is an ideal option for those who want to change the usual style, bring lightness and femininity to the image. Lovely curls will simplify the process of daily styling and give your hair extra volume.


Features of the procedure

Perm is carried out by applying a special agent to individual strands, after which they are wound onto bobbins or curlers of various diameters. This allows you to give the hair the desired shape, ranging from large, and ending with small curls. Upon completion of the curl, the curls are covered with a special agent that fixes the resulting wave. Below are before and after photos of the perm procedure for short hair.

Before and after

Today, experts offer a large number of products designed to create stylish curls. Moreover, modern products are safe for hair and do not cause significant harm to the hair.

Ways to curl short hair

The type of perm should be chosen based on the shape of the faces and the type of haircut. So, owners of a rounded or oval type will fit large curls. Women with a triangular type are more suitable for delicate, neat curls of small diameter.

An important criterion when choosing a curling method is the type of haircut:

  • a bob-car is best combined with small spiral curls; owners of an elongated caret can try to curl only the tips;
  • a short cascade is perfectly complemented by chemistry, in which the hair is wound on large curlers to create large curls;
  • Haircuts with bangs go great with flirty curls, allowing you to freshen up the look, adding to it sexiness.

Chemistry on a bob car

[stextbox id=’info’]Note! The basis for stylish curls can be almost any haircut. But stylists do not recommend making curls on asymmetrical and too short hairstyles.[/stextbox]

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Curls options

Chemistry has many varieties. With the choice of the optimal technique, information on the most popular curling options will help.


The photo before and after the procedure shows that root chemistry for short hair allows you to create volume, which is extremely important for fashionistas with thin hair. In this case, a special composition is applied only at the roots, this method gives a special density and splendor. The only drawback is the disappearance of volume when the strands grow back.

Root waving

At the ends

This option involves processing only the tips. This styling is used by ladies with sparse thinning hair to simplify daily styling.

Curl at the ends

big curls

Chemistry with large curls looks good on short hair. She looks as natural as possible. To create voluminous curls, large-diameter curlers are used.

Curling in the form of large curls

Spiral (wet)

Wet chemistry is done using special spiral bobbins that allow you to create the same curls along the entire length. Such a perm makes the hairstyle voluminous and lasts until those months. The result of the procedure is vertical curls that are perfectly combined with the effect of wet hair. Chemistry is ideal for owners of short and medium hair.

Haircut options for short hair


This curling method is the most aggressive. However, due to the fact that the product penetrates the hair structure, the styling lasts much longer than the others – the curls will remain curled for six months. Acid perm is ideal for owners of oily hair, while this procedure is contraindicated for girls with thin and brittle hair.

Acid perm


This method of curling hair is considered the safest. However, the effect of the procedure lasts no more than three months. Biowave is a variant of light chemistry, which is especially relevant for owners of short strands. As a result, it is possible to get styling with beautiful, airy curls.



The products used do not affect the structure of the hair, so this procedure is practically safe. The result is light curls that last for 1-3 months. Another advantage is the absence of a transition boundary during the growth of strands.


[stextbox id=’info’]Advice! Carving can be advised to those girls who want to try a perm, but are worried about the condition of their hair.[/stextbox]

Fashionable light chemistry will make the image soft and airy, will allow you to create many interesting styling. To verify this, look at the photo.

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Advantages and disadvantages

A light perm for short hair has many advantages, however, it is not without its drawbacks.

Among the main advantages:

  • visually increases the volume, gives density to thin hair;
  • allows you to create a stylish image in the shortest possible time;
  • ease of reincarnation, you can create a stylish styling depending on your mood;
  • hairstyle for a long time retains its attractiveness.

vertical waving

The disadvantages of chemistry include:

  • allergic reactions to chemicals;
  • the occurrence of dry hair and scalp;
  • thinning, weakening, increased fragility;
  • the appearance of split ends, a decrease in shine.

Curling hair with bangs

Despite the existing shortcomings, the correct approach to the procedure, the use of gentle preparations and high-quality care products will allow you to get an interesting hairstyle that will delight a fashionista for a long time.

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Care after curling

Having used chemistry to make the image attractive, it should be remembered that now the curls will need more thorough care. Modern products are less harmless compared to those used by our mothers, but they still contain aggressive components.

Perm on the cascade

Therefore, to maintain healthy hair, it is recommended:

  • wash your hair no earlier than the second or third day after curling;
  • use only mild shampoos;
  • regular use of special masks and balms will help to improve and give hair a natural shine;
  • never comb wet and damp stripes, as you risk ruining the shape of the curls;
  • if possible, try to style with your fingers and a wide-toothed comb;
  • use a hair dryer only as a last resort or on the “cold drying” mode, this will protect the strands from damaging overdrying.

Before and after

Hair chemistry is not a cheap procedure. However, any woman can afford to do it every three to six months. The price of a perm for short hair in Moscow ranges from three to six thousand rubles, depending on the type chosen …

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