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A beautiful manicure as in a photo in a fashion magazine is the most chic accent in the image. 2019 pleased fashionistas with various novelties in the field of nail art. We will gladly share them with you. Also, just in case, we recall win-win options on how to make any manicure luxurious. Suitable for you!

Beautiful and stylish manicure

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The main trends of 2019

Perhaps, among the fashion trends of the fall-winter 2019-2019 season, you will find an idea that you will definitely want to repeat on your nails.


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  • Nail art masters are increasingly relying on color. The most daring and extraordinary shades can perfectly beat even the simplest design. For example, a beautiful and chic manicure as in the photo will turn out if you apply the trendy colors of 2019 in a jacket or a plain coating. Color should be fascinating and eye-catching – this is what the nail industry says and we agree with it.

original french

  • In the new season, floral prints come to the fore. Abstract, animal and ethical motifs are also in fashion. Adding festive decor to them, you will get a truly chic manicure.

Plant motifs

  • Metal in any form is another must-have. It starts with metallic shades of lacquer, and ends with a design with foil. This is a win-win option if you want a manicure that will catch the eye.

foil design

  • The fashionable air flower technique combined with noble shades of lacquer looks unusual and very feminine. Transparent flowers will take almost any decor into their neighborhood, so this technique is a great scope for experimentation.

Manicure in the newfangled air flowers technique

  • Kamifubuki compete with the popularity of rhinestones and beads this season. This manicure is the perfect complement to any evening dress. However, the most daring ones embody this chic idea in everyday nail design.

Kamifubuki – a stylish solution for a trendy manicure

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  • Among the main hits of 2019-2019, we can also note the mosaic design, craquelure effect, marble, matte and mirror manicure.

Original design – craquelure effect

  • The Minx coating can hardly boast of its practicality, but its showiness is on top. Such beauty can become the basis of real masterpieces in manicure design and a great option for a special occasion.

Minx coating

  • Pop diva Riana recently decided that a beautiful manicure is a chic option only on sharp and predatory claws. The ladies agreed with her! Of course, most modern designs are also applicable to oval nails. But if you want to look daring and spectacular, and at the same time be in the theme of the main trend, choose long nails with a bold shape.

Rihanna’s predatory manicure

  • The color scheme in the new season of nail art impresses with its diversity. Fans of white and pastel finishes will love the news that light colors are still in fashion. Among the bright colors dominated by yellow, red, peach, blue and purple. Also, 2019-2019 is hard to imagine without burgundy, purple and gray.

Fashionable shades in nail design 2019

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Best ideas for you

If you look for inspiration for a chic manicure somewhere, then this is in our selection. Plagiarism on your own nails is allowed and encouraged!

Stylish gray manicure

Caviar manicure

Instantly won the love of the female half of humanity, caviar manicure is still relevant. It looks luxurious and expensive.

Caviar manicure with broths

Practical fashionistas will certainly be pleased with the fact that this beauty can be made at home. You just need to alternately lower your fingers into a container with broths. A scattering of small pebbles will instantly fix on the plate, and you can easily shake off the excess.

Manicure with broths

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Volumetric design

Various types of voluminous manicure have been among the main fashion trends for a long time. There are a lot of techniques with which you can create this beauty. This means that even the most demanding fashionista will find an option for herself.


We offer you the latest ideas for creating a chic manicure with three-dimensional elements:

  • sequins;
  • lace;
  • stickers;
  • rhinestones, stones and broths;
  • broken glass;
  • gold dust;
  • dried flowers;
  • acrylic molding.

The original version of the voluminous manicure

Velvet manicure

With the degree of solemnity of a velvet manicure, a rare design can compete. Many confuse it with a matte finish, but in fact they are completely different things.

Velvet manicure with flock

Velvet design, one and only, is created by coating the nails with a special powder with piles of different sizes – flock.

[stextbox id=’info’]The most advanced nail artists go further and cover their nails with artificial or real fur. It’s a total delight![/stextbox]

Drawings on the nails

Have you seen such a manicure, when you look at it, it seems that the artist has confused the canvas with nails? If you are thinking about really stunning design, go to a good salon with the best master. Only this will be able to create real pictures on the nails. The most spectacular options have voluminous textures. For example, a professional will be able to make them with acrylic paints.

Artistic manicure – paintings by Picasso

Manicure is an art, and the photo from our selection is the best confirmation of this.

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This tandem can be called one of the leaders for a festive manicure. We can say that this is almost a classic on a par with French design. Gold decor on a fatal dark finish looks simply breathtaking!

Stylish black and gold manicure

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Just like diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so are their distant relatives, rhinestones, the best friends of a chic manicure. Today, there are so many design options with shiny stones that even a sophisticated fashionista can get lost in them.

Original manicure with rhinestones

Rhinestones always create an emphasis on beautiful female hands and at the same time can divert attention from an uneven nail plate.

[stextbox id=’info’]The main thing is to remember the harmonious combination of proportions. So large stones will look out of place on short nails.[/stextbox]


Perhaps this is the most suitable manicure for mysterious girls who want to create a fatal and at the same time feminine look. The essence of this technique is that a pattern is created with dark varnish on a light coating. Another option is to paint with dark or light varnish on a transparent base. Either way will…

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