chicken diet

If you need to lose weight in a short time, and you cannot live a day without meat, then the chicken diet is for you.

Chicken meat is one of the most important components of a healthy diet, therefore, to improve digestion, it is advised to include it in the daily diet. Chicken meat is one of the most easily digestible foods that increase the energy and strength of the human body.

Chicken contains B vitamins, nicotinic acid, vitamin A, high-quality proteins, amino acids and minerals (iron, calcium, copper, selenium, phosphorus). At the same time, it contains much more protein (90%) than fat (10%), which makes it possible to note that chicken is truly a dietary product.

Protein, which is very abundant in chicken meat, has a positive effect on the development of the brain, and also takes part in the formation of bones and body cells. Amino acids, also found in chicken, help improve the functioning of the nervous system. There is almost no cholesterol in the white meat of the chicken, which is why it should be consumed while following the diet.

Chicken diet menu.

The basic rule is that chicken meat should make up half of the daily diet. It can be cooked in a variety of ways, however, to achieve the best effect from the diet, it is recommended to roll back from frying.

The following foods can also be included in the daily diet:

  • Vegetables (you can make a salad, but season only with vegetable oil).
  • Fruit.
  • Cereals (rice is especially useful).
  • Dry wine (no more than one glass per day).
  • Freshly squeezed juices without sugar (vegetable, fruit).

Diet restriction – per day, the calorie content of food should not exceed 1200 kcal. It is recommended to consume all foods approved by the diet.

The duration of the chicken weight loss technique is seven days. Weight loss can be about 4-6 kilograms.

The main disadvantage of the chicken diet is the exclusion of salt and sugar from the diet for the whole week. However, it is allowed to add a little salt to ready-made dishes.

Mono diet on chicken

So, consider a chicken mono-diet, the duration of which is only three days. The essence of the diet is to eat only white chicken meat. Every day it must be consumed no more than 700 grams and boiled, and this is about six meals of 100-120 grams of meat. Only drinks without sugar are allowed. Sugar and salt are also prohibited. Due to the feeling of satiety, this type of chicken diet is tolerated quite easily and allows you to reduce your everything to three kilograms.

Pineapple chicken diet

Let’s move on to the pineapple-chicken diet. This type of weight loss technique with chicken is designed for nine days. Fresh pineapples help increase the metabolic rate. An important fact is that only fresh pineapples will do, canned ones are not allowed. Chicken meat, in turn, helps to enrich the body with proteins and vitamins.

It is necessary to eat only chicken breasts in the first three days of the diet. They can be cooked in different ways (it is even allowed to fry), Salt is again prohibited, but seasonings can be used. You should eat until you feel full. For the next three days, only fresh pineapples should be eaten. They should also be consumed until you feel full. The last three days you need to eat both pineapple and chicken. The diet is allowed to drink non-carbonated water and green tea without sugar. Weight reduction with this technique up to six kilograms.

It should be remembered that before starting any diet, it is recommended to consult a doctor in order to avoid negative effects.

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