Chiffon dresses for obese women 2019

Chiffon dresses for obese women allow you to look fashionable, stylish and attractive. Look at the photo, extra pounds are not a reason to hide behind nondescript outfits. A dress made of light material allows you to create an airy and beautiful look that is perfect for a gala event, a walk, and even going to work.


Material Advantages

Chiffon itself is an interesting material that is ideal for full girls. It makes extraordinarily beautiful outfits that allow you to create a first-class look and emphasize true attractiveness.

Stylish chiffon dresses have a number of advantages:

  • a well-chosen style allows you to hide a full tummy, hips or focus on the chest;
  • well-placed drapery will emphasize the merits or hide the flaws;
  • a long sleeve or three-quarters perfectly marks the fullness of the arms, making them sleeker and thinner;
  • create light images that mask extra pounds;
  • suitable for all seasons;
  • create truly festive and solemn images;
  • pleasant and comfortable to wear.

Experts note that a well-chosen style, color and size of a chiffon dress is a real salvation for overweight women who want to disguise extra pounds. Below we will discuss in more detail the subtleties of choice and see photos of successful images.

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fashion styles

The trends of 2019 dictate their own rules for choosing a stylish chiffon outfit for puffy beauties. Today we will introduce fashionistas to the most current models and features of their socks.


Dresses that emphasize the waist look not only beautiful, but also very elegant. Fitted models allow you to make the figure more attractive. Such options are suitable for women of any age, no matter how old the fashionista is 20 or 50.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! Chiffon dresses with an emphasis on the waist allow you to adjust the proportions of the figure, especially for those fashionistas whose waist is not clearly visible.[/stextbox]

With chiffon cape

A chiffon cape is an original addition to a short sleeve dress. It will not only warm on a cool summer evening, but also hide the fullness of the hands, and also add lightness and charm to the image.

With flared bottom

Loose sun or bell skirts look great on chiffon dresses. The image is airy, light and youthfully direct.

Puffy bottom will disguise wide hips

High waist

A high-waisted dress is the perfect choice for those fashionistas who are worried about being overweight. Light flowing chiffon perfectly masks the tummy, diverts attention from problem areas, making the figure more attractive and proportional.


These dresses are an excellent option for attending special occasions. Moreover, they look equally good on both slender and full fashionistas, because Empire dresses perfectly hide such problem areas as full hips or a slightly protruding belly.


They perform functions similar to the Empire style, create a feeling of comfort, look incredibly festive and original.

A loose and light trapeze dress perfectly copes with the task of masking extra pounds. At the same time, such an outfit looks original and festive, especially if you experiment with the length. Young girls may opt for knee-length cropped styles, while more mature ladies are better off with midi or maxi length dresses.


Chiffon mini dresses for obese women are a great option for the summer. Short, light styles look best on young and active girls, they visually stretch their legs and build a figure. The only thing is that experts do not recommend mini length for fashionistas with too full legs.


Layering is a fashion trend in 2019. It is also relevant when choosing chiffon dresses. Volumetric drapery, several light and airy layers, the presence of a lining – all this works to create an elegant image that perfectly hides all figure flaws. Another current trend is colored or nude lining, which makes the image more interesting and original.

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Trendy colors

To get a truly attractive bow, it is important to choose the right not only style, but also deal with the colors. We will give some practical recommendations that will allow fashionistas to stay on top.

  • Girls can safely use light and bright colors. If the style of the outfit is chosen correctly, such colors will not add extra pounds, but only emphasize the tenderness of the owner.
  • The main taboo for the full ones is the use of large, bright and clear prints. Such a pattern can make the figure heavier, add unnecessary volume.
  • Among the best color schemes, noble and rich shades of blue, green, purple, black and white should be noted.
  • For festive events, such as a wedding or an anniversary, light colors are best suited – white, beige, blue, light green, etc.
  • For full girls, outfits sewn using several contrasting colors are great. However, you should choose colors so that the dark tone falls on problem areas, while the light tone favorably sets off the dignity of the figure.

Don’t be afraid of bright colors


A few words about the fashionable length of dresses have been said above. Note that the solution to this issue is a purely individual matter. However, there are also general rules:

  • mini length is suitable for young girls, while for women 50-55 years old, elongated dresses are better suited;
  • according to the trends for 2019, the maxi length is recognized as the most relevant length for chiffon dresses;
  • owners of slender legs can safely experiment with length by opting for styles slightly above the knees.

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We make a fashionable image

Any outfit requires additional elements, such as shoes, a handbag, jewelry. Let’s figure out what is best to complement a chiffon dress.


With the help of shoes, you can drastically change the image. A high stiletto heel, the presence of sequins and additional decor on the shoes will make it an indispensable attribute of a solemn event. A more discreet pair is suitable for less formal and festive occasions.

The only prerequisite is the presence of a heel. He visually stretches the figure, raises the hips, making the bow more slender and attractive.

Heels are required


You can emphasize the neckline with a neat necklace, necklace or pendant. If a high hairstyle is supposed or a fashionista has a short haircut, then you should not deny yourself long earrings. Massive bracelet on…

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