Children’s fashion: autumn-2014

A child dressed beautifully and stylishly is the real pride of mom and dad. Properly selected fashionable clothes indicate that parents take care of their child and take seriously the formation of good taste in a child. And the children themselves often want to have in their wardrobe not only comfortable and high-quality clothes, but also no less stylish than those of adults. Therefore, on the eve of the upcoming season, we invite you to take a closer look at the current fashion trends in the autumn 2014 children’s wardrobe.

If you look closely at the collections of children’s clothing for the coming autumn, you can see that they are a kind of prototype of adult fashion, a copy of smaller sizes. Just like things for adults, children’s clothes are distinguished by their uncomplicated cut, practicality and versatility. As for the models, the most relevant are stylish coats, jackets, down jackets, suits, dresses of a simple cut. At the peak of popularity are jeans in classic colors and unusual colors with bright prints. This is not surprising, because jeans are very comfortable and versatile clothing. Stylish accessories are also an important element of children’s autumn wardrobe.

And, of course, there are certain trends in women’s and men’s children’s fashion that you need to listen to.

For little princesses

Clothing for little fashionistas is very diverse: children’s collections for the coming autumn include ethnic motifs, embroidery, appliqués and even Indian style. The collections of world-famous children’s fashion designers are dominated by dresses for everyday life and special occasions that create a feeling of lightness and carelessness and do not restrict movement. An important place is given to tunics that can be worn as a dress, as well as in combination with leggings, trousers or jeans.

For many seasons in a row, jackets with hoods have not left the catwalks of adult and children’s fashion: they will provide comfort during a long walk in any weather. In the upcoming season, children’s jackets in a sporty style, in which print plays an important role, are becoming trendy in the coming season: stylists offer us to opt for colorful stripes and circles, bright flowers and drawings with fairy-tale characters.

In the collections of children’s clothing for girls of the autumn 2014 season, sweatshirts with the most unusual patterns, as well as trendy denim shirts, bright leggings, puffy jackets and sleeveless jackets (they will remain relevant in winter) become fashionable.

Of course, in the collections of clothes for girls, a large place is given to dresses, because it is they who make the girl a real little lady. This autumn, dresses are presented in a variety of styles, looks, finishes and cuts: dresses in a classic style with a low waist, models with puffy and pleated skirts, lace skirts combined with metallic tops. Little princesses will surely love fluffy, airy dresses, distinguished by shiny bright fabrics, luxurious design and catchy prints. In some collections there are models decorated with ostrich feathers, flounces, flying and pleated skirts and weightless ruffles.

For real men

Clothes for boys of the autumn 2014 fashion season look very masculine: fashion designers prefer serious images of growing men. Prints in the form of cars, pistols and cartoons are a thing of the past, now the collections of children’s fashion designers look very restrained, incredibly stylish and very grown-up.

It should be noted that the collections are dominated by dark colors: muted shades of brown, gray, blue, green. The main trend of the coming season is the Scottish plaid and the horizontal stripe.

An important trend can be considered the effect of layering clothes and multi-layer sets. T-shirts, shirts, knitted jumpers, button-down sweaters, cardigans, jackets are used in strict ensembles. They are combined with skinny trumpet trousers, as well as Bermuda shorts that have gained relevance. Of course, such sets will be appropriate for special occasions – celebrations, schools, visits to the theater, etc.

For everyday life, boys will need clothes in a more relaxed style. Here, designers prefer T-shirts with large pale prints, knitted sweaters, puffy vests, leather jackets combined with skinny jeans. Harrington jackets and parkas are the trend of the season.

The upcoming season calls for the active use of various accessories to create images of growing men: knitted and knitted hats, scarves, gloves, massive belts, rough shoes, sunglasses, caps and backpacks.

Be bold

Having become acquainted with the collections of children’s clothing for the autumn-2014 season, you can see that unusual materials are becoming relevant today: fabrics that look like metal and gold, look like the skin of reptiles and other animals, feathers, checks and many other prints that are very popular with adults.

As for the color palette of the coming season, bright and saturated colors and shades are becoming fashionable. The only thing to consider when choosing an autumn wardrobe is the mandatory presence of autumn colors in the colors of jackets and coats. Patterns imitating autumn leaf fall are the most relevant print of the coming season.

Children’s clothing designers also recommend not to be afraid of experiments, because the main trend of the fall-2014 season is non-standard combinations! They will allow you to make the child’s image bright and individual, and this is precisely what most children strive for.

However, a carefully selected children’s image has a clear disadvantage: if one of the items in the set becomes unusable, the image becomes incomplete. And it’s not a secret for anyone that it’s easy for little fidgets to get dirty and change beyond recognition any stylish thing during exciting children’s games. In this case, an excellent solution would be a store where stylish and fashionable children’s clothes can be purchased in bulk, for example, the PriKinder children’s clothing online store: here you can buy the model you like in several copies at once, as well as in different sizes. After all, a truly stylish look does not lose its relevance in one season, which means that a successful set can be worn next spring or autumn.

Focusing on current fashion trends, do not forget about the personal preferences of your child. Listen and guide him, because it is in childhood that our kids begin to develop a taste and sense of style. And together with a child, it will become even easier to choose truly fashionable, practical and versatile sets!

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