Children’s fashion for summer 2021

Children’s fashion has always had a special place in the fashion industry, and the summer 2021 collections prove it again. If you want your princess or little protector to look their best, then we suggest you choose the most stylish things for them.

The main trends of children’s fashion for summer 2021

Taking a closer look, you can see that clothes for girls are often very similar to things for adult girls. Most likely, this is due to the fact that every girl wants to be like her mother and seem more mature.

The most popular materials from which things for children are sewn are cotton, linen, denim, corduroy, velor and velvet. In the wardrobe of a little beauty must be:

  • Dress. A truly girly outfit that a princess simply cannot do without. This year there are many models with frills and flounces, asymmetrical options in which one shoulder is exposed. Also, high-waisted dresses look good on girls, and very often they are complemented by a fluffy skirt and a belt.

  • Blouse. Fashion trends for the summer of 2021 include blouses with ruffles and frills, as well as embellished with original embroidery. Older girls may like stylish off-the-shoulder blouses. A blouse is an indispensable thing for schoolgirls, which is perfectly combined with both skirts and trousers.

  • Skirt. Children are very mobile, so short skirts are their priority. They can be sewn from completely different materials – denim, velveteen, cotton. There are also no restrictions in prints – in children’s fashion they are very bright and attractive.

  • Trousers. Everyone loves jeans, and children, respectively, too. For girls, there are a huge number of jeans models in which they look very grown-up. Popular models are skinny, boyfriends, culottes and moderately torn jeans.

  • Shorts. Shorts are a must-have for summer, so a girl should buy a few options. The most popular are stylish denim models, comfortable cotton ones, as well as overalls with shorts.

  • Longsleeve. Very comfortable and versatile piece of clothing. This year, longsleeves mostly have a simple cut, but there are also models with bare shoulders. To make the girl like this thing, it is sewn from soft and pleasant fabrics, and also decorated with the brightest prints.

When you’re putting together your little girl’s wardrobe, make sure the clothes are not only pretty, but also comfortable. Girls love bright shades – pink, red, orange, yellow. Among the prints, stripes, small flowers, as well as images of princesses, food (fruits, ice cream) and favorite cartoon characters are very popular.

Clothing and shoes for boys: summer 2021 trends

It is always easier for boys to choose clothes than for girls, because they usually do not care so much about their appearance. But, children’s fashion clothes for the summer of 2021 for boys are very diverse and you will have plenty to choose from.

The most important things in a boy’s wardrobe:

  • T-shirt. In the closet, the boy must have several T-shirts of different colors – from black and white to bright shades. Also, your child will definitely not refuse a T-shirt with an interesting print – there are a lot of options this year.

  • Shirt. A shirt is a thing from an adult wardrobe, but in this case it is adapted for a child. Plaid shirts, denim shirts and bright prints are popular.

  • Jeans. This year, as before, jeans with a simple, classic cut remain in fashion. The most popular colors are blue and all its shades, but there are also white and black models. Fashionable jeans for boys are often decorated with scuffs, small holes, logos and contrasting pockets.

  • Shorts. Boys love shorts as much as girls because they are comfortable to run, jump and play in. Current shorts for summer 2021 are denim, bermuda, knee-length or below.

The colors of the boy’s wardrobe are usually restrained – black, blue, green, brown, red. Among the prints, the most popular are checks and stripes, and, depending on the boy’s hobbies, these can be cars, soccer balls or robots.

Fashionable children’s shoes for the summer of 2021

Children’s shoes for the summer of 2021 are also quite diverse and meet the latest fashion trends. In the summer, sandals are ideal for both boys and girls. Boyish sandals are presented in black, gray, blue, brown with a rare addition of red, yellow or white. For girls, the palette is wider, and it includes pink, red, beige, white, lilac, yellow and a variety of bright prints. In addition, sandals for girls are decorated with various decors – bows, beads, sequins and flowers.

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Among sports shoes, sneakers and sneakers will be the most fashionable. They can also have completely different colors, and decor suitable for a particular gender. In sports shoes, the child will be comfortable to play and run. In addition, you should pay attention to such truly summer shoes as clogs and pantolets.

Children’s fashion for the summer of 2021 is something very bright, cute and wonderful, and you can see this by looking at the photo. Today, the possibilities for choosing clothes for a child are very wide and fashion does not stand still. Most importantly, when choosing outfits for a child, take into account his opinion, because this plays a very important role for him.

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